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Product Spotlight: LexisNexis® Product Liability Navigator

April 11, 2023 (3 min read)

This post was originally published in June 2020 and was updated in April 2023. 

Powerful Online Legal Research for Product Liability Cases

Picture this: your law firm is presented with a potential product liability case.

First, you’ve got to spend hours researching to see if there’s a viable claim to build on. Then, you’ve got to dedicate time to scour previous verdict and settlement data on similar cases to see if it makes financial sense to pursue that claim. Finally, you have to build your case by learning background information on your product and finding supportive caselaw. 

That’s why an online legal research tool like Product Liability Navigator is so appealing. Designed with the help of product liability attorneys, this powerful resource is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It helps lawyers quickly review product liability law, assess case value, and build stronger product liability cases.

What is Product Liability?

Let’s back up a second and offer a quick look at product liability generally. In a nutshell, product liability is the responsibility a manufacturer or vendor carries for the consumer goods it makes or sells. In most cases, a product will enter the market after significant testing and, upon release, it functions as anticipated. But in some cases, sometimes due to factors like negligence or manufacturing anomalies, a product will reach consumers with a possible defect or flaw.

The issue could be as mundane as a cosmetic blemish or, in extreme cases, it could pose serious danger to the general public. Regardless of the severity, the manufacturer or seller will likely have committed a tort. That means they may be responsible for fixing the situation through recalls, refunds, or some other sort of remedial action. But even with a proactive response, a company may still be entangled in a product lawsuit.

Four Ways Lexis Product Liability Navigator Can Help

There are a lot more than just four ways Product Liability Navigator can help. But in the spirit of brevity, we boiled it down to a quartet of the most valuable benefits.

1. Assess the value of your potential product liability lawsuit.

For starters, you need to understand what the potential award could be from a positive case outcome. Product Liability Navigator scours a vast database of prior verdicts and settlements from similar cases to give you strong insight into the potential award amount resulting from a positive outcome in your case. That way, you won’t waste time building a product liability case that can’t return your time investment.

2. Conduct faster product liability legal research.

With Product Liability Navigtor, you're able to conduct blazing-fast online searches across a massive database of product liability-related content, including multi-district litigation, regulations, recalls and reports, case law, verdicts and settlements and expert witnesses. Lexis Product Liability Navigator can even perform multiple searches simultaneously, and has handy filters designed specifically for product liability matters to help you quickly drill down into the most relevant search results.

3. Get a holistic view of your product liability case.

Look, Lexis Product Liability Navigator has the word navigator right in its name. That’s because, first and foremost, it was designed to help lawyers find key details within their product liability research. When used as a case analyzer tool, it pulls this trove of data into an intuitive, concise dashboard. And with all this valuable insight in a single place, it becomes easier to visualize and strategize your next move. You’ll also find it’s easier to give reports and updates to other attorneys in your practice—and your clients.

4. Build stronger legal strategies.

All this helpful information means that you’ll ultimately be able to craft stronger legal strategies. You can pinpoint the best experts to support your argument and better understand the risks posed by the particulars of your case. You’ll be able to quickly adjust to nuances in product liability law, predict what tactics your opposing counsel may employ and make data-driven decisions on which actions to take next.

Grow Your Product Liability Practice

Shaving hours off your product liability legal research ultimately means you’re freeing up time to focus on other matters. In other words, you’ll have more time to prospect and take on more clients. But the growth potential goes deeper than that. Since Lexis Product Liability Navigator provides you with insights into the viability and value of a case, you can operate more efficiently by pursuing only those with a favorable return on investment.

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