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Product Spotlight: Lexis® Tax

September 06, 2023 (3 min read)

This post was originally published in October 2019 and updated in September 2023. 

Handling tax issues will never be considered an easy, pleasant experience, which is why so many taxpayers look to attorneys in dedicated tax law firms for help. And that’s also why there’s an entire Lexis® legal research tool devoted to tax issues.

It’s called Lexis Tax, and it's tailor-made for lawyers who focus on tax law. Whether you’re a tax specialist in a larger firm or a solo in a boutique tax practice, Lexis Tax features a suite of powerful resources to help you advocate for your clients and stay current with changes in tax laws.

Make Tax Law Less Taxing

As a tax attorney, you probably have two modes: busy and really busy. That’s why the Lexis Tax center can be so helpful. It gives you access to a vast tax law library with over a thousand tax, accounting and estate-practice resources, including the LexisNexis® primary law database, plus U.S. tax treatises and exclusive Matthew Bender® titles.

Because all these books, publications, and assets are in one place, it makes it easier to pinpoint exactly what you need. Think of it like one gigantic digital tax handbook to help you address your clients’ tax issues. Lexis Tax was also created with the help of tax attorneys, so resources and tools you use most often are front-and-center. 

Note: Lexis Tax is a different resource than Practical Guidance Tax. Specifically, Practical Guidance Tax is designed to complement your research with resources like practice notes, forms, checklists and more. You can find more information on Practical Guidance Tax here.

Cover More Ground

You never know what new tax issues your clients will bring you. Lexis Tax helps ensure you’re ready to answer their tax questions, regardless of the topic or subject matter: federal, state, 401k, charitable gifts, real estate, small businesses, dependents, deductions and beyond. It breaks up tax issues into federal, state & local, international, accounting & auditing, and estates so you can focus specifically on your client's issue. 

Lexis Tax also includes access to over 1,4000 tax, estate, and accounting sources from the most trusted tax law authorities. The Lexis Tax Advisor - Federal Code Reporter gives you instant access to everything you need to understand and apply the code section. See relevant Treasury regulations, legislative history, explanations, case annotations, and more all on one page. 

The Only Thing Certain is Death and…

…Changes in tax laws. It’s safe to say that the IRS likes to keep lawyers on their toes and it probably won’t let up anytime soon. This is another area where Lexis Tax really shines. You’ll get breaking news from the Law360® service to ensure you don’t miss a thing- something your clients will thank you for when you find new tax loopholes or some other previously hidden benefit.

For even more peace-of-mind, when you start researching cases, you’ll be able to leverage Shepard’s® Citations Service. Shepard's is the most comprehensive editorial analysis of case law. It can tell you if your strategy is founded on good law, which can help you quickly assess the strength of your case. The service is updated regularly, and new cases are added within a few days to ensure you’re working with current information.

Get Down to Brass Tax—What Lexis Tax Costs

While the price of Lexis Tax is dependent on your firm, you should definitely know that there won’t be any surprises once you sign on. Your subscription includes all the sources you’ll see in the service—no added search charges or document delivery charges.

So, if quicker tax law research and breaking tax news updates sound good to you, then the Lexis Tax resource is probably a good fit for your tax law practice.

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