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12 Free Legal Resources for Legal Professionals

February 07, 2023 (4 min read)

By Loyd Auerbach | Knowledge & Research Consultant, LexisNexis

As a legal professional, you make a positive impact upon the world. From defending human rights to promoting ethical business practices, there are a myriad of ways your expertise and training may promote overall wellbeing. However, to scale your impact, it's critical that you have the right resources. 

At LexisNexis®, we support attorneys in making a difference. One of the ways that we like to help is by making a a wide range of information resources available to legal professionals for free (regardless of if you're a LexisNexis customer or not), and we invite you to leverage these resources to do what you do best  — advance the rule of law and make the world a better place. 

Here are 12 of our best free legal resources, courtesy of LexisNexis and RELX Group, our parent company:

1. U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center

This is an interactive map from LexisNexis that offers a 50-state comparison of voting laws as well as proposed federal voting legislation. Visitors can drill down for details regarding which states have or are considering legislation impacting requirements for things such as election infrastructure, voter registration, absentee voting, voter ID and voter proof of citizenship.

2. Voting Rights Resource Kit

The Lexis® Practical Guidance team has created this online kit comprised of various resources making it easier for citizens to vote and understand the issues around voting rights. It includes primary law, secondary sources, and news articles to help legal professionals get their arms around the landscape of voting rights protections.

3. War in Ukraine Issues

We have removed the paywall for some of our valuable legal news and information resources related to the tragic war in Ukraine. Stay on top of the fluid situation and wide-ranging legal ramifications with free access to legal news coverage of the war from Law360® and a special report on Russian sanctions from MLex®.

4. Ukraine Legal Aid Portal

This is a free online destination, created by the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation, where law firms and corporations can offer legal job opportunities and complimentary legal assistance to Ukrainian lawyers who need international assistance during this crisis. The portal leverages the power of information technology to connect warm-hearted legal professionals around the world with their colleagues in Ukraine so they can help them in a tangible way.

5. COVID-19 Resources

The Lexis® Practical Guidance Coronavirus Resource Kit, which can be downloaded by anyone for free, contains select content addressing emerging issues related to COVID-19 across a variety of practices. Law360® has also removed the paywall for access to key Coronavirus news coverage.

6. 2023 State Legislative Sessions Calendar

This free calendar from State Net® can help legal professionals monitor when legislatures are active, as well as important legislative dates and deadlines. In 2023, LexisNexis projects that lawmakers will consider more than 165,500 new bills and approximately 12,500 carry-over bills.

7. Access to Justice

This newsletter from Law360® delivers to readers, free of charge, all stories regarding trends affecting the justice gap, pro bono programs in the legal industry, and difference-makers in the legal profession who are helping citizens with the fewest resources gain access to the courts.

8. Racial Equality and Police Reform Updates

This curated resource from State Net® pushes out complimentary daily updates on executive, legislative and regulatory activities across the U.S. that are focused on combatting racial discrimination. Legal professionals can track government actions of interest and click on specific measures to read full-text updates.

9. Protesters’ Rights Resource Kit

The Lexis® Practical Guidance team has curated a collection of resources that features LexisNexis content and links to publicly available content from various legal advocacy groups that are working to promote civil rights, improve access to justice, and increase police accountability.

10. Rule of Law

The LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation is a non-profit entity through which our company seeks out and shapes projects with key partners to create meaningful, sustainable change that enhance the rule of law around the world. Anyone who is interested in joining us in one of these projects can visit the free website to obtain more information.

11. Legal Information Professionals

LexisNexis InfoPro is a webpage containing relevant resources and training opportunities for legal information professionals. Be sure to subscribe to the free InfoPro Weekly newsletter to stay on top of product developments, new releases, and law librarianship trends. Each issue reports on recent product enhancements, practice area resources, legal research tips and guides, new products and tools, and upcoming webinars for law librarians.

12. Developer Portal

This site provides legal IT professionals with data and APIs to integrate access to LexisNexis resources and solutions directly into their organizations’ daily workflow. The free tools are each designed for a specific use case, such as trend analysis, financial modeling, or machine learning.

Preparing for the Legal Industry in 2023

Our hope is that free access to these resources will inspire and empower more legal professionals to take positive action, whether it is in a professional or voluntary capacity. If you find that you need additional assistance with your legal research, LexisNexis is here to help with legal research packages that maximize the return on your investment. Contact us to discuss a custom research package, or click below to explore Lexis+. 


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