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Building the Future of Legal AI on a Strong Foundation

August 29, 2023 (3 min read)

By Jeremiah jenkins

Legaltech News published an insightful feature on July 24, 2023, tracking the events leading up to the explosion of conversation this year about the potential impact of AI on the legal industry.

“In late-2022, commercially available generative artificial intelligence tools saw an exponential increase in sophistication and ability, taking the legal world by storm,” reported LTN. “As the underlying models continue to evolve and improve, these tools will become more powerful — increasing both their applicability to legal work and their implications for existing law in the process.”

As we blogged about it recently in this space, the roadmap toward the development of responsible and trustworthy AI tools has actually been underway for several years.

In fact, for more than five years now, legal professionals have trusted AI developed by LexisNexis to improve their research results. This began with our use of extractive AI models that used various machine learning techniques and advanced to the power of Large Language Models (LLMs). This approach drove the development of the popular Lexis Answers tool, which identifies relationships between words and concepts to return key passages extracted directly from the LexisNexis network of libraries and databases, and Brief Analysis, which uses extractive AI to identify key legal concepts in an uploaded brief and delivers related concepts, similar briefs, relevant cases and other insights to litigators.

This foundational work integrating extractive AI into our customers’ search experience uniquely positioned us to lead the way with developing generative AI tools specifically designed for legal professionals and the practice of law.

This infographic provides a visual snapshot to illustrate our pioneering journey in the field of Legal AI as we once again prepare to introduce another trusted and reliable tool to legal professionals that responsibly leverages state-of-the-art technology:

Our goal is to apply the power of generative AI to improve the way that legal professionals conduct legal research, drafting and summarization — with a focus on reliability, consistency and data security — that enables legal professionals to achieve better outcomes and advance the rule of law.

To that end, we recently unveiled Lexis+ AI, a generative AI platform that we believe will allow us to meet users wherever they are in their legal research or drafting task. Lexis+ AI connects our years of extractive AI expertise with training and evaluation by lawyer subject matter experts to ensure the generative AI tools we deliver to our customers will produce consistent, reliable results.

Moreover, Lexis+ AI is built on the largest repository of accurate and exclusive legal content, which means it will provide legal professionals with trusted, comprehensive legal results that are backed by verifiable and citable authority. The platform uses precise LLM embedding that is focused on relevant document passages, rather than whole documents. Deconstructing documents into passages and mapping those passages by relevant text produces more accurate results.

“The generative AI tools designed for attorneys aim to reduce or eliminate the risk of so-called hallucinations by building their models with real legal data,” reported Law360.

We are committed to the responsible development of Legal AI tools and we know that we need the engagement, advice and feedback of legal professionals as we continue to build and refine our generative AI solutions. To accelerate this engagement, LexisNexis has created a Lexis+ AI Insider program that is designed to support the legal industry with generative AI education and breaking news on the latest AI developments.

This complimentary program enables participants to be the first to access Lexis+ AI, attend occasional Legal AI webinars and workshops, and help shape the future application of AI to the practice of law. 

We invite anyone to join us on our AI development journey by following our Lexis+ AI web page, where we will share more information about these AI-powered solutions and how they can responsibly support the practice of law.

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