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How Integrating Workflows Makes You a Stronger Litigator

September 29, 2021 (3 min read)

As is the case in many industries, legal professionals are well aware that time is money. The faster and more effectively you can complete historically time-consuming tasks, the more time you’ll have to spend building strong legal strategies and completing impactful work that benefits your clients. The key to saving time in the legal space is integrating workflows—consolidating efforts into as few steps as possible. 

Attorneys looking for better ways to streamline integrated workflows need Lexis+. With access to data-driven insights and powerful analytics tools via Lexis+, your law firm can improve efficiency and produce better litigation results for your clients.

What is Lexis+?

Lexis+ offers legal professionals a unique experience that combines superior legal research, data-driven insights, and practice guidance all in one place. Access the most comprehensive legal information with a dramatic new display that sets a precedent in simplicity. Get accurate results faster, delivered to you by industry-leading tools via one streamlined interface.

Access Data & Insights In One Singular View

Our simple interface allows legal professions to spend more time on their tasks and less time learning how to use their legal research platform. Its cluster-free design, clean visual aesthetic, and overall simplicity helps legal professionals navigate all of the powerful tools and capabilities available. We were intentional with our colors, icons, text arrangement and overall layout and tested every aspect of the program to ensure that this online legal research service is easy and intuitive. Spend less time clicking around your home profile and more time putting in the billable hours on legal research and tasks with Lexis+’s integrated workflow.

Accomplish Legal Tasks Efficiently

Lexis+ key features allow attorneys to quickly conduct legal research and resolve their client’s issues confidently. We offer the most comprehensive collection of cases law, brief analysis, leading editorial analysis, data visualization, and customization exclusives. All of what Lexis+ offers can be found in one integrated workflow, making the platform user-friendly and easy to adopt across your firm.

Complete your legal tasks efficiently and effectively with Lexis+ practice notes, checklists, annotated forms, and drafting tools across our 20+ practice areas. Receive guidance from over 1,200 practitioners from 99 Am Law 100 firms.

Lexis+ boasts powerful data and legal analytics tools too. Fueled by both case law and the trusted analysis from Shepard’s Citation Service, Lexis+ helps lawyers practice with confidence and equips them with comprehensive research tools. Attorneys are able to draw data-driven insights quickly and effectively to expedite historically time-consuming  legal tasks.

Accelerate Your Firm's Litigation Success

With Lexis+’s valuable insights into judges and courts pasted on past litigation history, damages, and trends, you can gain visibility into the strength of your arguments and the accuracy of your legal research. Lexis+ also provides advanced search algorithms which are fine-tuned to allow legal professionals to type nuanced legal questions into the Lexis+ search box and receive better targeted answers. Be a more competitive attorney in court by understanding your competition or counsel via comparison and experience analytics. 

With this knowledge, legal professionals are able to develop the strongest and most persuasive arguments with targeted research recommendations and legal analysis based on their specific issues and the citation patterns and concepts found in their documents.

Improve Speed and Accuracy—Regardless of Staff Size

Although small firms pride themselves on being resourceful and scrappy, Lexis+ is the top integrated workflow solution to help them become competitive players in the legal field. Solo practitioners and small law firms can rely on Lexis+ revolutionary AI and machine learning to propel them through draining and time-consuming legal tasks, thereby saving time for more impactful client work.

Work Smarter, Not Hard with Lexis+

Practice with unprecedented efficiency with the all-in-one integration of legal workflows. Lexis+ allows attorneys to navigate research and complete strategy planning tasks without disruption to produce better outcomes faster than ever before. Sign up for your free trial of Lexis+ today to access industry-leading integrated workflows.


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