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AAO U Visa Victory

September 04, 2012 (1 min read)

"Upon reconsideration, the AAO concludes that the petitioner has met her burden of demonstrating that she was the victim of substantial abuse.  Specifically, our prior decision failed to acknowledge that although the individual acts to which the petitioner was subjected might not constitute substantial abuse on their own, the acts, in the aggregate, meet the substantial abuse standard.  The death threats, which resulted in the issuance of two protective orders, the eviction and resultant homelessness and loss of economic support during her pregnancy, the controlling and violent behavior, the forced sex, and the petitioner's diagnosis of depression, taken together, rise to the level of substantial abuse.  In addition, the record shows that the criminal court granted the petitioner a year-long order of protection after a hearing on her temporary order, and that she received treatment and counseling for her injuries." - Matter of X-, Apr. 7, 2011 (heavily redacted to try to protect the identity of the victim)