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Landmark PBS Documentary: Latino Americans

September 16, 2013 (1 min read)

"LATINO AMERICANS is a landmark six-hour documentary featuring interviews with nearly 100 Latinos and more than 500 years of History.  Premieres on PBS September 17th at 8 pm E.T. on PBS.  LATINO AMERICANS is the first major documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have helped shape North America over the last 500-plus years and have become, with more than 50 million people, the largest minority group in the U.S.  The changing and yet repeating context of American history provides a backdrop for the drama of individual lives.  It is a story of immigration and redemption, of anguish and celebration, of the gradual construction of a new American identity that connects and empowers millions of people today." - PBS Sept. 2013.