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Featured New Publications and Jury Instructions Added to Lexis+® and Lexis®

December 07, 2023 (6 min read)

New secondary materials and jury instructions released between July through October 2023 are featured in this listing.

Top Selections

Family and Medical Leave Act (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
Provides comprehensive coverage of FMLA, which Congress created to balance the needs of workplace and family. This treatise explains the facets of FMLA in an easy-to-understand manner for those working with FMLA. Written by a practitioner with years of experience in the field, this publication includes discussion of eligibility, coverage and FMLA’s interaction with other laws.

New Jersey Cannabis Regulation (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
Use the authors’ first-hand experience to learn about medical and recreational marijuana laws and regulations as it is interpreted in New Jersey courts. Addresses common issues and analyzes the principles and applications of cannabis regulations in New jersey, providing tools to ensure that no aspects of the law are overlooked.

Perspectives on Predictive Coding and Other Advanced Search Methods for the Legal Practitioner (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
Will appeal both to practitioners who are seeking basic knowledge of what predictive coding and other advanced search methods are all about, as well as to those members of the legal community who are “inside the bubble” of e-discovery already and wish to gain further insight into the latest thinking on advanced search techniques from leading lawyers, judges, and information scientists.

The Online Courtroom: Leveraging Remote Technology in Litigation (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
A practical and easy-to-use guide to this new law practice. The authors of the chapters range from practicing attorneys, law professors, retired judges, and legal consultants, each of whom recommends protocols for thriving in an online environment. The Appendix section provides helpful forms and other documents for use with online litigation, including a jury questionnaire and a template for a trial setting order.

Trillions: A Primer on the Debt Ceiling, Federal Spending, Taxes, and Fiscal Law (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store
A concise treatise explaining federal spending and taxes with easy-to-use explanations of the budget, authorization, appropriations, and tax processes. This book also includes to the point explanations of two timely issues with far-reaching implications: recurrent fiscal crises over raising the debt limit and the recent legal challenge to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) funding mechanism. This book is relevant for Members of Congress and staff, federal agencies, attorneys, advocates, professors and students, the national news and business media, the business community and trade associations, nonprofits, and the curious public.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance for Corporations and Their Counsel (Lexis+ / Lexis)
A unique, comprehensive compendium of both data privacy and cybersecurity law. It delivers detailed, practical compliance guidance for corporations and their lawyers, alike.

Mass Tort Litigation (Lexis+ / Lexis)
A collection of chapters addressing mass tort litigation and derived from Matthew Bender publications: A Guide to Toxic Torts; Aviation Accident Law; Drug Product Liability; Environmental Law Practice Guide; Moore’s Federal Practice; New Appleman Law of Liability Insurance; New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide; Product Liability Practice Guide; Products Liability; and Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses, Damages.

The Ethics of E-Discovery (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis)
Examines the ethical issues associated with e-discovery and provides guidance on how to deal with the new and challenging intersection of electronic discovery and ethics.

And More . . .

New titles from LexisNexis released in print and eBook during the past six months are listed by jurisdictional region or practice area in the LexisNexis Store. Also, you can check out our latest new editions and upcoming releases.