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LexisNexis Provides Free Access to Coronavirus News, Analysis Across the Globe

April 10, 2020 (2 min read)


LexisNexis is taking steps to keep the public informed during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic by providing free access to information and resources around the world through company platforms and outlets.

Key among the resources are the Lexis Practice Advisor Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Kits and Law 360’s free access to breaking news about the virus.

The Resource Kits, repositories of practical guidance for attorneys in a number of practice areas—including links to related content about the virus—are updated regularly and are available to attorneys in the United States and Canada. Existing customers can access the content online; non-customers can download the content.

Law360 has launched a dedicated COVID-19 page containing breaking news, in-depth features, and expert analysis and commentary on all things relating to COVID-19 and the law. Hundreds of news items are available, with updates provided every day. The Lawyer’s Daily, LexisNexis’ Canadian legal news service, is providing free coverage on the virus, including news, analysis, and opinion.

“In this moment of fluid change and uncertainty, we couldn’t think of a better way to help our customers and the community than by offering full access to breaking news and analysis on COVID-19 from our award-winning Law360 newsroom and the Lexis Practice Advisor Coronavirus Resource Kit that helps lawyers practice and provide better counsel to their clients,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, North American Research Solutions at LexisNexis.

Intelligize, LexisNexis’ securities content product, is delivering free insights and analysis on the corporate response to the virus. A news tracker is expected to be released shortly by Nexis Solutions.

In the United Kingdom, PSL subscribers have access to a COVID-19 toolkit. Non-subscribers can access free resources via a dedicated coronavirus blog. A similar COVID-19 information resource hub is available to Australian attorneys and an international module that will allow users to navigate freely between content from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom is expected soon. In France, LexisNexis has provided free access to a dedicated COVID-19 news stream on

While providing practical solutions to customers’ needs, LexisNexis has continued its emphasis on the rule of law. In a recent blog post entitled “Coronavirus and the Rule of Law: A Warning from History,” Ian McDougall, executive vice president and general counsel for LexisNexis Legal & Professional and president of the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation, said, “Let us remember the lessons of history: Even in the midst of the most serious of crises there is no need to abandon the Rule of Law. Society is not benefited in the long run by removing the foundations upon which it is built. The taking of extraordinary powers should be a mechanism to bypass bureaucracy not the Rule of Law! We should remember that in a crisis, the people who are affected most by the abandonment of the Rule of Law are the most vulnerable. Sticking to important principles is not always easy but they are the foundation of civilized society and a crisis should not take away our civilization.