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Kentucky: Agricultural Exemption Applied to Claimant’s Work of Harvesting and Unloading Crops

December 02, 2016 (1 min read)

A Kentucky appellate court found that the state Board erred in finding that the agriculture exemption did not apply to a claimant where it was undisputed that he was tasked with hauling the harvested crops and unloading them at the farm’s storage silos, testimony established that the farm only harvested and stored its own crops, the farm’s sole source of income was from the eventual sale of those crops at market, and thus, the claimant’s activities fit within the statutory definition of agriculture as set forth in Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 342.0011(18).

Thomas A. Robinson, J.D., the Feature National Columnist for the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation eNewsletter, is the co-author of Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law (LexisNexis).

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See Homestead Family Farm v. Perry, 2016 Ky. App. LEXIS 193 (Nov. 23, 2016)

See generally Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, § 75.01.

Source: Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law, the nation’s leading authority on workers’ compensation law