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How to Attract and Engage Gen-Z Donors With Social Media

March 02, 2023 (2 min read)
Gen-Z uses online platforms to make donations

The Gen-Z population—those born between 1995 and 2010—is often considered the most diverse and connected generation yet. As such, this generation is becoming increasingly engaged in social justice causes—and they are making a large impact on nonprofit donations.

Having been raised on the internet, Gen-Zers are using the power of technology to donate to their favorite causes in innovative ways. Nonprofit organizations need to take note and adapt their strategies to capture the attention of these tech-savvy donors. By applying effective marketing strategies, nonprofits can create successful campaigns that tap into the interests and passions of Gen-Z and provide a streamlined platform for donations and support.

In this article, we’ll go over why Gen-Z is an important donor pool for nonprofits, ways they tend to engage with organizations and how to attract Gen-Z donors to your mission.

Donation trends for Gen-Z

And as Gen-Zers enter the workforce and begin to build their financial resources, they are expected to surpass the Baby Boomer generation in nonprofit giving. This new wave of donors will likely focus their efforts on causes that they find meaningful, such as environmental protection, animal rights, and civil rights.

Members of Gen-Z are more likely to donate smaller amounts more frequently than one large donation and prefer to manage their donations online through apps and websites. Furthermore, next-gen donors are unique because:

  • 4x as likely to increase donations year-over-year
  • 4x as likely to learn about causes from influencers and celebrities than traditional donors
  • 7x as likely to become aware of causes through the media than traditional donors
  • 6X as likely to be motivated to donate following a sudden news event or crisis than traditional donors
  • 3X as likely to advocate on an organization’s behalf compared to traditional donors
  • 7X as likely to host an individual fundraising page on behalf of an organization they support
  • Next-gen donors are 1.5x as likely to become aware of causes through their coworkers than traditional donors

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Leverage social media trends to engage Gen-Z donors

One way to capture the attention of Gen-Z donors is to use influencers. Social media influencers can quickly spread word about a nonprofit’s mission and build enthusiasm for supporting their cause.

Influencers can have a powerful effect on young people and can encourage them to get involved with a nonprofit with a single post. For example, an environmental nonprofit focused on social justice could partner with a sustainability influencer to create a post on tips for advocating for clean resources in low-income areas.

People who already are passionate about this topic might be following the influencer, so they can use their voice to direct viewer’s to the nonprofit’s website, increasing its visibility and leading to more donations.

Use research tools to connect with the right Gen-Z donors

Gen-Z donors are the wave of the future. Nonprofits must take steps to ensure that Gen-Z donors are aware of their mission and have an easy way to donate. Using online donation tools, plus influencers and other social media outreach, can be a great way to spread the word and get Gen-Zers excited about getting involved with a cause.

Ultimately, by understanding the unique characteristics of this generation, non-profits can create campaigns and strategies that will bring in donations from Gen-Zers and ensure their long-term success.

With a research tool like Nexis for Development Professionals, you can stay on top of issues that are important to next-gen voters, screen for potential donors and find the information that will help you craft that is specific to your prospects.

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