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Maintaining Journalistic Integrity Within the Social Media News Landscape

March 11, 2021

Stronger fact checking, reporting and coverage through NexisⓇ for Media Professionals

While the majority of Americans believe that news shared on social media is misleading, a 2020 Pew Research Center survey reported that half (53%) of Americans still rely on news shared across various social media platforms.

The discrepancy between social media news consumption and accuracy is hardly surprising—nor is it new. However, the implications of misleading or wholly false news coverage can be extreme. An earlier Pew Research analysis found that those who rely most on social media for news are less informed about major events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.

Although media outlets are unlikely to change news consumption habits, the critical need for thoroughly researched coverage can not be overstated. However, this need is paralleled by the immense pressure on journalists to quickly find in-depth, accurate sources, be the first to break the story and drive the most clicks across multimedia platforms.

With 40,000 licensed and open-web resources from leading publishers across the globe, Nexis provides media professionals with a comprehensive fact-checking tool across the largest database of trusted content. The Nexis content library spans global news outlets, special interest sources and trade publications in nine different languages, as well as key company, executive and legal data across 280 million companies and executives.

Other features span:

  • Archival Content dating back more than four decades for context beyond recent headlines
  • In-Depth Public Records to find contact details and fact-check stories and reports
  • Proprietary Power Searching Tool to quickly find precise information using an intuitive word wheel with suggested topics and tags tied to search terms
  • Real-Time Alerts across relevant news and search topics
  • Transcripts across major network and non-network broadcasts

Nexis empowers media professionals to quickly and accurately source the facts they need to create stronger coverage in less time.

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