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Powerful Performance: 3 Easy Ways Nexis® Dossier Helps You Find Relevant Business Intelligence to Fuel Success

July 08, 2020

Are you looking for a way to quickly capture game changing business intelligence? Business intelligence (BI) helps organizations make data-driven decisions that have a positive impact across multiple departments—from improving sales and customer satisfaction to managing risks and opportunities more effectively. But how do you find the game-changing business intelligence you need, quickly? Nexis Dossier is a powerful research platform that brings together comprehensive information on companies--and the executives that lead them--so you can share actionable insights with the people that need them most.

Take advantage of easy company & executive research

Conducting research on the open web may sound tempting, but the convenience is only superficial. Instead of a quick query and relevant results, you’re more likely to spend hours on a frustrating scavenger hunt for information you can trust. Too often, the open web results are cluttered with content that is not pertinent to your needs, out-of-date or of questionable provenance. After all, open web search platforms rely on ad revenue, so top search results frequently feature marketing-focused content, rather than the focused facts required for critical business intelligence.

Nexis Dossier uses AI-powered research technology across a database that has been aggregated specifically to support comprehensive company and executive research.

  • Data on 240 million companies from around the world
  • 40,000 news and business sources, ranging from The New York Times® and CNN® to Mergerstat® and Standard & Poor’s® Monthly Industry Review
  • 70 million executive profiles with contact information

Plus, you can also capture a big picture view from an industry perspective—useful for understanding both the industry in which you operate and industries that could be a potential source of disruption or emerging opportunity.

Here are three ways that Nexis Dossier can be used to uncover the business intelligence you need:

  1. Custom lead generation lists in a flash. Take marketing and sales prospecting to the next level by generating lists based on specific criteria, such as industry SIC codes, geographic area, and/or revenue. In addition to allowing you to target likely sales prospects, this type of information allows you to optimize your sales process. If a sales rep is headed to a customer facility for a sales call, why not make the most of planned travel by targeting other likely customers within the same zip code or region?
  2. SWOT analysis made simple. One click is all it takes to see a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Nexis Dossier generates SWOT analyses in just minutes, compared to hours or days spent finding and collating the information manually. Not only does SWOT analysis provide meaningful competitive intelligence for strategic planning, but it can also help you identify companies that can benefit from your products or services based on the weaknesses or threats they face.
  3. Customized profiles on industries, companies or executives. The report-building feature in Nexis Dossier fits a variety of use cases. Generate an industry profile to evaluate its potential for new business opportunities or disruption. Gain an in-depth view of companies to identify potential customers, joint venture partners or suppliers to help grow your business. Or capture a 360-degree view of potential new hires to ensure you bring on the right talent for your organization.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nexis Dossier puts company and executive research—with highly relevant results—at your fingertips. Boost competitive intelligence. Track mergers and acquisitions to understand dynamics within your industry.

See how Nexis Dossier can help you discover untapped potential with company and executive research. Download our overview of the Nexis Dossier Business Intelligence Suite today.