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Nexis Offers Political Candidates a Competitive Advantage

May 26, 2020

2020 is a big political year. In addition to the presidential race in the United States, major elections are scheduled for countries as wide-ranging as Ethiopia, Brazil, Poland and Australia. As campaigns work hard to earn voter support, Nexis® stands ready to provide critical campaign intelligence that can mean the difference between your candidate delivering an acceptance or a concession speech. Here’s a high-level overview of what Nexis offers political operatives. 

Maintaining Issue Mastery

With such a broad and deep collection of news and data, Nexis can help any campaign get smarter about voters’ biggest concerns. Whether the hot-button issues in your race are environmental, social or legal in nature, Nexis can help you brief your candidate on the latest developments. Candidates who demonstrate this sort of real-time issue mastery engender voter confidence. 

Conducting “Oppo Research”

You already know that your opponents are searching for every bit of information about your candidate that could be used against him or her. The massive Nexis database allows you to stay ahead of them, digging even deeper into your opponent’s record and staying on top of potential issues that might arise for your own candidate. With easy access to public records, social media and news archives⎯some going back 40 years - Nexis will help you uncover any and every political misstep in your opponents’ past. 

Vetting Key Supporters & Donors 

Before your campaign accepts big donations or valuable endorsements, vetting the people behind them—even if you think you know them well—is the safest way to avoid future communication headaches. In addition to its news and social media archives, Nexis provides more than 82 billion public records from 10,000 sources as well as 75 million executive biographies. This data will help you uncover anything potentially concerning big donors and high-profile supporters.  

Monitoring Media with Ease and Confidence 

The daily, if not hourly, flow of news is the lifeblood of any campaign’s communication efforts, and successful efforts can’t rely on simple Google searches to stay ahead of the curve. Nexis is the perfect way to stay up to date on breaking news and trends, putting 6,000 sources of selected social media and web content and 40,000 print, broadcast and online new sources at your fingertips. In addition to breadth, Nexis is also lightning fast, delivering quick, easy-to-digest results that serve as a real confidence builder for any campaign. 

To learn more about how Nexis can give your campaign the advantage, check out this information or contact us today.