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The New Era of Due Diligence

July 11, 2023

Due diligence has changed beyond recognition in recent years and continues to evolve at pace. Traditionally, it involved a team of compliance officers manually searching through legal documents and financial accounts to detect risks of doing business with a third party. But in 2023, that model is far from sufficient for a company to mitigate rising legal, financial, reputational and strategic risks.
In this E-Book, we explore ten trends which have transformed what companies need to do around due diligence and regulatory compliance. This includes the explosion of new technologies; the need to understand corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impacts; and the increase in enforcement action against due diligence failures. Then, we suggest ten steps companies should take to manage these emerging risks. Finally, we explain how Nexis Diligence+ from Nexis® Solutions can help make organizations’ compliance processes more effective, more efficient, and more prepared for the new era of due diligence.