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27 Jan 2020

Meet Professor Legalisto—Your Officially Unofficial Tour Guide to LexisNexis®

Professor Legalisto is here to show you some of the benefits of being a LexisNexis user, and to explain things in a simple, easy to follow way.

But who exactly is this guy? To help you understand Legalisto’s background, we commissioned this brief biography.*


Legalisto was born in Orderland to a family of jurisprudence bookworms. His father, Decreto, was a magistrate in Orderland’s superior court. His mother, Behesta, worked as a paralegal for the local firm of Garnishment, Caveat & Canon.

Legalisto’s formative years were unremarkable. In fact, he even started his law studies at Summons University with a notorious lack of enthusiasm, organization and resourcefulness.

That, however, didn’t last long. One of his teachers introduced his class to LexisNexis and, in that moment, Legalisto had an epiphany. He realized that there was no challenge that couldn’t be confronted with the research tools of LexisNexis at his side. From then on, Legalisto aced all of his exams.


Right after law school, Legalisto married one of his classmates: Statuta. Together, they started a small law firm in Orderland specializing in corporate counsel and international commerce.

It was love at first cite for Legalisto and Statuta

Needless to say, LexisNexis was their one indispensable tool. It placed the legal wisdom of the ages at their fingertips, information constantly updated with the latest cases and legal documents.

Their firm consistently grew its staff of lawyers and paralegals—each employee relying on LexisNexis every day. The little Legalisto family also grew with two children: Divestitura and Precepto. A more rambunctious pair never crawled the face of the Earth, and they played constantly with the family dog, Citation.

After a few decades, Legalisto realized that he wanted to give back to the law community. He returned to his alma mater and began teaching students the marvels of LexisNexis.

Citation, Legalisto's trusty sidekick


Legalisto has been teaching his “LexisNexis Unleashed 101” course for years. His students regularly name his class as one of their all-time favorites, praising Professor Legalisto for showing them how to use LexisNexis tools to dig deeper into their research.

In a serendipitous turn, the professor recently won “Best Moustache” in the student newspaper’s annual facial hair contest. Mrs. Mandato, a Product Manager for LexisNexis, read the story and came up with a brilliant idea: Legalisto simply had to become a LexisNexis spokesperson.

That happy decision resulted in the LexisNexis ads you see everywhere, the increased popularity of moustache-related fashion and, of course, the “Legalisto Boogie” dance craze that’s sweeping the nation.

The rest, as they say, is history.


*Of course, this is totally made up. Legalisto is a fictious spokesperson and we’re just having a little fun. Please don’t try to visit Orderland on or enroll in Summons University. (But we’ll completely understand if you name your dog Citation or suddenly decide to grow a moustache.)