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12 Aug 2019 Download

Product Spotlight: Dorsaneo,Texas Litigation Guide

A proven, indispensable resource for Texas litigators

If you practice law in Texas, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide. Written by respected litigator, professor and author William V. Dorsaneo III, the guide has been regarded as the premier authority on Texas litigation for 35 years. In fact, the Texas State Law Library refers to the guide as one of its Texas State Law Library.

Commonly referred to as simply “Dorsaneo,” this helpful guide is often the go-to resource for Texas legal professionals searching for litigation procedure and essential forms for virtually any legal situation.

Here’s how the Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide can help

Inside, you’ll find concise, yet authoritative, analysis of Texas law—analysis that’s cited regularly by Texas courts. Plus, you’ll get step-by-step procedural and drafting guides and hundreds of forms covering virtually any document needed for litigation in Texas court.

And to ensure you stay current, the guide is updated four times a year.

What’s Covered in Dorsaneo?

Dorsaneo addresses the litigation process from Pretrial all the way to Appellate, and is packed with time-tested forms, checklists and research guides. Those research guides provide primary source references and a host of subject-specific research references.

Also included within Dorsaneo is complete treatise discussion of the substantive and procedural law based on statutory and case law.

But this valuable content is only part of the benefit—the attorney-friendly way Dorsaneo is written makes it an easy, intuitive guide to follow. It’s organized to flow with typical case progression, so you get guidance every step of the way.

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