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27 Jul 2019 Download

Product Spotlight Video: A Guided Demo of Lexis Medical Navigator®

Do you handle a lot of cases with complex medical issues? Lexis Medical Navigator® helps you master the medical facets while you search the law. It’s an all-in-one medical and legal research tool that can help you simplify intricate medical cases.

Want to see for yourself with a one-on-one demo? Click here.

You can scour over one thousand Elsevier® full-text medical journals and over ten thousand Netter medical images and illustrations. You can also use tools within Lexis Medical Navigator to assess potential case settlement value, plus locate, vet and prepare expert witnesses.

There are many features and capabilities within this powerful resource. To help you understand how they all work together to enhance your research, here’s a video walkthrough of the Lexis Medical Navigator service presented by a LexisNexis® litigation specialist.