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25 Jun 2018

Accelerating Technology: Your Head-In-the-Sand Mentality Won’t Work Anymore

Accelerating legal technology: It's a good thing!

Tech-challenged lawyers must adopt this mantra:

  • Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
    Marie Curie

Some’ll shrug off this advice. They’ll say, “Legal tech isn’t accelerating. I have nothing to fear.”

But legal technology, like all technology, is accelerating! To visualize this, lawyers need to think like biologists. As Alison E. Berman and Jason Dorrier noted in their article Technology Feels Like It’s Accelerating — Because It Actually Is:

Biology’s many innovations include cells, bones, eyes, thumbs, brains—and from thumbs and brains, technology. ... [T]echnology is also an evolutionary process, like biology, only it moves from one invention to the next much faster. [emphasis added]

 Technology is evolving—i.e., accelerating—and for those who are afraid, don’t be. If you’re willing to step forward and embrace it, acceleration is a very good thing! Think about internet-connected devices, which now affect our everyday lives. While there will always be naysayers, technology advocates recognize this as a positive.

The positive impact of accelerating legal technology has been recognized by many fearless lawyers—that is, successful lawyers. These lawyers don’t run from technology. The grab hold of it, tame it, and dig it into it like any new skill. They optimize, to their advantage, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They fearlessly adopt and absorb today’s ever-evolving and always-improving legal research tools.

Advancing Legal Technology: The Value of High-Level Tools

But even as legal research tools improve, a few tools improve—i.e., accelerate—much faster than others. These tools sit at the cutting edge, moving at light speed while others merely maintain a steady pace.

Cutting-edge technology drives high-level tools, and high-level tools are advancing lawyers and launching legal professions. Without high-level tools, a legal professional is at a severe disadvantage. In this day and age, the lawyer who lacks high-level tools is in retreat. He or she is behind the competition by decades!


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