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23 Mar 2020

Five of the Funniest Fictional Lawyers

Could you use a bit of levity right about now?

Yeah, thought so.

We complied a short list of our favorite, fictional comedic lawyers. Check out the list, and click on each name to watch some clips and get a few chuckles. (Oh, and if you notice we omitted Vinny Gambini, don't worry—he made our list of Binge-Watch Movies for Lawyers.) 

Then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.

Five of the Funniest Fictional Lawyers

1. Bob Lawblaw

From the comedy TV series “Arrested Development”, Bob Lawblaw helps the Bluth family navigate some perilous legal issues. But it’s a complicated relationship which ultimately turns sour. Known for lobbing “Bob Lawblaw Law Bombs” and the insightful “Bob Lawblaw Law Blog”, he’s an asset to both sides of a legal dispute.

2. Lionel Hutz

As proprietor of “I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm!”, Lionel Hutz was a recurring presence on “The Simpsons”. He’s represented a myriad of characters, including Homer and Marge Simpson (even Milhouse Van Houten benefits from Hutz’s expertise). So reliable is Hutz, his service is backed up by the claim “Case won in 30 minutes, or your pizza is free!” ...Just make sure to check inside the box first.

3. Louis Tully

Artfully played by actor Rick Moranis, this accountant-turned-attorney came to the aid of his Ghostbusters pals when they ran into some legal trouble. While his opening argument fell a bit short, the strength of Tully’s overall strategy (admittedly aided by the appearance of two ghosts) ended up getting the case dismissed.

4. Jackie Chiles

Leave it to “Seinfeld” to introduce a lawyer so memorable—Chile’s legal trajectory seemed to be intertwined with several key storylines. Known for his quick thinking and blunt approach, Chiles still makes us question whether we should put a balm on.

5. Hyper-Chicken

Thanks to the TV show “Futurama”, we never need to wonder how a giant chicken would fare as a lawyer. Don’t let his genteel southern accent fool you though, this pontificating poultry seamlessly weaves quaint country idioms with shrewd legal acumen.