Ideas For Notecards in Juris

Using the Notecard feature in Juris allows you to quickly document and maintain valuable information. Once input, you can use conflict inquiry or a custom query to quickly locate the information you need. Here are a few ideas of how you can take advantage of the power of Juris Notecards.

Alternate Payors/Third Party Payors

Have you ever received a payment on a client’s bill and had no idea which client’s bill the money should be applied? Once you determine the correct client/matter, document that information on a Client or Matter Notecard with the caption, “Alt Payors”.


Keep a list of Client or Matter key tasks performed and dates, i.e. Wills-Date Executed, Living Wills-Date Executed, Durable Powers of Attorney-Date Executed, Grandchildren Trust-Date Executed, etc. If a change in the law occurs, a query or conflict search can reveal all clients potentially affected so the firm can contact them to update their documents, if needed.

Text Codes

Use Juris Text Codes to create codes to be used as Notecard Templates. This allows the user to quickly enter consistent information, similar to “fill in the blank”.

Offsite Storage

Document the details of the location of stored files, i.e. Location, Box Numbers, etc. Create a Client or Matter Notecard with the caption, “Storage” and enter the specific storage location details.

Conflicts of Interest

Use a Client or Matter “Conflicts” Notecard to document all parties associated with and lawyers involved with a client/matter. These may include but not limited to witnesses, heirs, adverse parties, investigators, adjusters, possible third-party vendors, etc. Use a Text Code as a template to enter the specific details. When the text code is expanded in the body of the Notecard it becomes a “fill-in-the-blank-template”.

Depreciation Schedule

Create a Chart of Accounts Notecard on your Asset accounts listing the depreciation schedule or attach the actual schedule in the Notecard.

Standard Rate History

Create a Timekeeper “Rate History” Notecard to document the timekeeper’s standard rate history.

Vendor Detail

Create a “Pledge Amount” Notecard for those Vendors that are charities that the Firm supports. Document the Annual pledge amount in the Notecard.

Collection Activity

Create a Client/Matter “Collections” Notecard to document your collection efforts. Juris Suite Collections module is also available for full featured Collections Maintenance and Reporting process.

Be sure to contact the Juris Professional Services experts for help with implementing a custom workflow for your firm.

Written by: Kathy Baker, Juris Professional Services Consultant