Juris Go 2019 - What's New

Dan Beall; Juris Product Manager; LexisNexis:


Good to Go!

A New Juris Go Release is Here.

This year, we took the best timekeeping and matters software, Juris, and turned it into the industry's best timekeeping and matters app – LexisNexis Juris Go. The Juris Go app made billing hours faster and associating time to your cases, clients, and matters the most efficient on-the-go process on the market. Until now.  

Welcome to the Juris Go’s first update of 2019! Our mission is to make sure that Juris Go makes it as easy as possible for you to record, find, and manage time so you can get on with your daily business. Our latest release of Juris Go is even more efficient than our previous version! It delivers new features and enhanced functionalities that help you find entries created in the past thanks to a robust filter, in addition to helping you tailor your time entry workflow with upgraded productivity settings. 


Let's get going and check out what's new with Juris Go... 


  • Simplified UI – make time entry and management workflow even more efficient
  • More robust time listing that allows you to – look at multiple days, entry status, and more 
  • Multi-functional filter – search for time by date range, status, and client/matter keyword  
  • New workflow settings (for each timekeeper) – enter time in your own way that aligns with your preferences and style. Options include: 
    • Remember last matter  
    • Automatically Start the Timer When Creating a New Entry 
    • Automatically Create a New Entry Upon Save 
    • Automatically Create a New Entry Upon Submit 
    • See Time in Hours and Minutes Rather Than Decimals 
  • Auto-populated Narrative field ­– simply choose the Task and Activity codes to fill in the field
  • Simplified time entry form – Task and Activity fields will be hidden if the firm does not use them. 
  • Upgraded "Most Recent" lists ­– populate from recently selected clients and matters lists in the app rather than Juris Suite



My Time 

The home screen now called “My Time” has been significantly upgraded allowing you to find entries by date range, status, and Client/Matter keywords.

Simplified UI 

My Time (new name for the home screen) has a more intuitive layout to ensure you get the best experience. 

  • New Add Entry Button for iOS (previously included on Android): The bottom toolbar has been replaced with a single, easy-to-find “Add Entry” button.
  • New Settings Menu: Settings are now on a convenient slide-out menu on the upper left side of your screen.  

More Robust Time Listing

See the status of each of your time entries for better time management and client history investigation on the fly. 

  • All Tab: added for when you need to see all time entries during a specified period or for a particular client/matter.
  • Local Drafts Tab – renamed from "Drafts" 
  • Submitted Tab – renamed from "History"
  • Status Indicators: Each time entry listing indicates its current Juris status (i.e. Local Draft, Suite Draft, Ready to Submit, Recorded, On Pre-bill, Billed).
  • Days On-Demand Scrolling: You no longer need to choose specific days to see your submitted time; you can scroll through your entire history or filter to find specific date ranges. 

Multi-Functional Filter 

Filter your time lists by date range, status, or client/matter keyword.  

  • Date Filter: Show all time that falls into a specific date range.
  • Status Filter: Show all time that has a one or more of the six possible Juris statuses.
  • Client/Matter Filter: Show only clients and/or matters that contain one or more keywords.    

Improved Time Entry Workflow 

We have made multiple upgrades that improve your efficiency.  

New Workflow Settings 

Decide exactly how you want to enter time. For example, you may like to enter many entries all at once. In that case, you can choose to have Juris Go remember the last matter and to create a new entry every time you submit one. The new settings include the following: 

  • Remember last matter
  • Automatically Start the Timer When Creating a New Entry
  • Automatically Create a New Entry Upon Save
  • Automatically Create a New Entry Upon Submit
  • See Time in Hours and Minutes Rather Than Decimals


Auto-populated Narrative Field

Juris Go automatically inserts text into the Narrative field based on the selected Task and Activity Codes. 


Simplified Time Entry Form

Juris Go only shows the Task and Activity Code fields if those fields are enabled in Juris. This reduces clutter for timekeepers who do not use those fields. 


Upgraded "Most Recent" Lists  

The Most Recent lists found on the Client and Matter lookup tabs now contain those clients and matters used most recently in the app. Before, those lists used the clients and matters used most recently in Juris Suite[M1] [BD(2] .