RAMP up your AMP!

Duane Cary, Senior Trainer for Time Matters, PCLaw, Juris, and CounselLink, LexisNexis:

In 2019, LexisNexis® introduced a couple of new add-ons for those Time Matters® and PCLaw® users who have an Annual Maintenance Plan, also known as the AMP. These new programs are called AMP + and Weekend Support. Since many of you may not be aware of these programs, I thought I would use this blog post as an introduction to them. And, of course, I also have an ulterior motive, which will make its presence known shortly.

Installing and Updating

For those of you who do installs or updates to the products and need support help, finding time to do it during business hours can be a daunting task, even with the help of a certified consultant. Who wants to shut down their office for an upgrade during the business week? Surprise, LexisNexis now offers weekend support hours! Want to update to the latest dot release for your product? Scared? Now you don’t have to be! For a flat fee of $450 per session, you can reserve the help of a LexisNexis expert dedicated to helping you get that upgrade done on a weekend rather than interrupting your busy firm during office hours. No more employees sitting around on their phones texting each other while the system is down, you can now surprise them on Monday with updated software with no down time!


Another issue: you call tech support with a problem but aren’t using a certified consultant to help resolve the issue.

You have been using our software for years and have gone through all your basic troubleshooting steps already. Now you must make that call to tech support. How would you like to bypass the line and just jump straight to the front?

Now you can.

That’s right, it is now possible to access level 2 support directly. Talk to the techs that have years of experience with our products. Get your issue resolved quickly and efficiently so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

How is that possible, you ask? Training. I did warn you I had an ulterior motive.


For the past couple of years, we have offered a 301 Pro Certification class for our PCLaw and Time Matters customers. These classes cover the products from A-Z; we train you on how to best take advantage of what the software can do for you and your firm.

Now with AMP +, if you take the class and pass the certification exam, you get access to Level 2 support for a year for tech issues. That’s right, direct access to Level 2. For a year. Want to continue to receive Level 2 support after the first year? For as long as your certified staff is employed at your firm, you will remain eligible for AMP + support.    

So why should you take the class in the first place?

  • Increased efficiency at the firm
  • Increased innovation in running the firm
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Financial gain

Many of you have probably been using the products for years. But how were you trained? By a predecessor? Self-taught? Lucky guesses?

With our class, we can teach you what the software is capable of. How long have you been using the software to perform a firm specific task when there may be a better and more efficient way to perform that same task? We are here to help. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have taught one of these classes to a client that has been using the software for years, and they come away learning time-saving techniques and learning about features they didn’t even know existed.

And the networking! Learning about real-world situations from other product users and how they deal with them is a great way to get your employees to start thinking about how they could apply those same solutions back at the office. Feedback from both the instructor and other users can make a great deal of difference in how you run the office.

And if you train at our Raleigh offices, we usually have a special guest or two during lunch where you can get feedback directly from our teams. And maybe even get a glimpse of what we are working on for the future: a few clients got to see our Go app prior to its release!

A well-trained staff can do wonders for your office. Don’t believe me? Check out this article from shiftlearning.com. And remember, a happy staff is a productive staff. And a productive staff is an efficient staff. And an efficient staff means less time telling them what to do and how to do it and more time doing billable work.

What’s that, you would like more information? I am more than happy to help!

If you would like more information regarding the new AMP + program or weekend support, please click on the appropriate product below, as there a few, uh, provisos and a couple of quid pro quos that aren’t mentioned in this blog. And remember, these programs are only available to those with an active AMP!

Time Matters


If you like to see the class information for the certifications from our LexisNexis University, you can always check us out at lexisnexis.com/university. Check the link regularly as new classes will be added for the second half of the year in the near future. Also, don’t forget, as an AMP holder, there is free OnDemand training available to you through the University. Just check for OnDemand when browsing the courses.

For your convenience, I have added the links for the certification class itself below for the appropriate product.

Time Matters


And now for a bonus! Did you know that if you have an AMP, for a limited time, you can get a free license for our Go app? Well, now you know! Follow the links below to request your free Go license for billing while out of the office on your smart device! And if you aren’t sure what the Go app is or want more information, the links below can direct you.

Time Matters