Law360 Launches Law360 Pulse Small Law

November 14, 2022

Law360 Pulse delivers industry-leading business of law news directly to small law legal professionals to keep them informed.


NEW YORK  Law360, the #1 legal news source, today announced the official launch of Law360 Pulse Small Law, the newest addition to the Law360 Pulse business of law offering. Powered by award-winning journalism, Law360 Pulse is expanding its current content offering to include a small law newswire focused on fast news and expert analysis of interest to firms with less than 20 attorneys to ensure small law legal professionals can keep up to date on the latest news, trends and changes that impact the business of law.

“We're excited to provide more tailored news to small law lawyers and solo practitioners so they can better understand the developments and trends that are shaping their industry and use that information to help serve their clients,” said Anne Urda, Editor in Chief at Law360.

Law360 Pulse Small Law will cover areas of interest to attorneys at small firms including:

  • Firm mergers where appropriate
  • Reports on legal job market
  • Work/life balance
  • Practice tip and insights
  • Profiles of attorneys
  • Litigation smaller firms
  • Business, policy trends
  • Suspensions and bar Investigations
  • Criminal law
  • Personal Injury
  • Trusts & estates
  • Commercial transactions
  • Family law

The Small Law newswire is a section that will be included in Law360 Pulse’s all-inclusive subscription. It is not offered as a standalone subscription. Law360 Pulse subscribers will get automatic access to the newswire beginning November 14th.

Current Law360 subscribers with 20 or less subscribers will receive free access for 14 days.

To take out a 7-day free trial, visit Law360 Pulse.

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