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America’s Corporate Finance Directory™


America’s Corporate Finance Directory™ saves you time by bringing everything together in one comprehensive source

ACFD streamlines your research by providing these features and more:

Details on leading U.S. Companies:

  • List of public and privately held companies
  • Company locations and contact information
  • Stock exchange symbols
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business

Verify financial data and target the right prospects:

  • Show prospects that you already know their financial picture—earnings, assets and liabilities—before you make the first call
  • Compare pension fund portfolios of companies in the same industry
  • Find out how much the company generates in sales
  • Learn a company's primary business, direct subsidiaries, and the outside service firms it uses

Profile top executives who make key financial decisions:

  • See who is responsible for the cash and risk management of the company
  • Find out who heads the purchasing department
  • Locate key financial officers
  • Get the right contact to discuss investment opportunities

Locate Financial Decision-Makers with Pinpoint Accuracy:

This powerful business tool puts priceless information at your fingertips with six easy-to-use indexes:

  • Financial Responsibilities Indexes arrange individuals by 13 areas of responsibility: Cash Management, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, International Finance, Investor Relations, Leasing, Merger/Acquisition, Contracts, Pension Administration, Personnel Training and Development, Planning and Development, Purchasing, Real Estate, and Risk Management.
  • Personnel Index arranges all listed personnel by last name so that you can locate a specific individual among the 31,878 listed throughout the book.
  • S.I.C. Index sorts companies by S.I.C. code, with a companion index of industry categories and corresponding S.I.C. codes.
  • Geographic Index arranges companies alphabetically by city within each state so you can target by region.
  • Index of Private Companies lists companies that do not trade common stock on the market.
  • Index of Companies lists alphabetically all parent companies and subsidiaries included in the Directory

View a sample report to see the breadth of information contained in each listing.

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