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America’s Corporate Finance Directory™

America's Corporate Finance Directory™ brings you thousands of verified facts to help you reach top financial decision makers among America's corporate elite. This 1,452-page annual directory is one of the most comprehensive available.


America’s Corporate Finance Directory™ (ACFD) provides vital financial data on your prospects and competitors, profiles top financial decision makers, identifies business relationships between companies, and much more. Published annually, it is the most comprehensive resource of its kind. You’ll save time by finding details on corporate financial assets and the executives who control them in a single source.


America’s Corporate Finance Directory™ saves you time by bringing everything together in one comprehensive source

ACFD streamlines your research by providing these features and more:

Details on leading U.S. Companies:

  • List of public and privately held companies
  • Company locations and contact information
  • Stock exchange symbols
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business

Verify financial data and target the right prospects:

  • Show prospects that you already know their financial picture—earnings, assets and liabilities—before you make the first call
  • Compare pension fund portfolios of companies in the same industry
  • Find out how much the company generates in sales
  • Learn a company's primary business, direct subsidiaries, and the outside service firms it uses

Profile top executives who make key financial decisions:

  • See who is responsible for the cash and risk management of the company
  • Find out who heads the purchasing department
  • Locate key financial officers
  • Get the right contact to discuss investment opportunities

Locate Financial Decision-Makers with Pinpoint Accuracy:

This powerful business tool puts priceless information at your fingertips with six easy-to-use indexes:

  • Financial Responsibilities Indexes arrange individuals by 13 areas of responsibility: Cash Management, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, International Finance, Investor Relations, Leasing, Merger/Acquisition, Contracts, Pension Administration, Personnel Training and Development, Planning and Development, Purchasing, Real Estate, and Risk Management.
  • Personnel Index arranges all listed personnel by last name so that you can locate a specific individual among the 31,878 listed throughout the book.
  • S.I.C. Index sorts companies by S.I.C. code, with a companion index of industry categories and corresponding S.I.C. codes.
  • Geographic Index arranges companies alphabetically by city within each state so you can target by region.
  • Index of Private Companies lists companies that do not trade common stock on the market.
  • Index of Companies lists alphabetically all parent companies and subsidiaries included in the Directory

View a sample report to see the breadth of information contained in each listing.


Pricing Subscriptions America’s Corporate Finance Directory™ is available in print for $1,399.00.

For information on how to subscribe, please call 1-800-340-3244.

America’s Corporate Finance Directory™ is available in print format only at this time.

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