Verdict & Settlement Collection on

Verdict & settlement information can often be difficult to find, especially for cases that did not go to trial or went to trial but were never reported by a verdict publisher.
LexisNexis now has the largest, most comprehensive collection of verdicts & settlements available on so you can confidently evaluate the risk and potential outcome of a case to make better informed decisions on course of action and map out successful litigation strategies.

  • Determine the range of risk for your case by evaluating similar case details
  • Make decisions on the best course of action based on past case outcomes
  • Assess award amounts from past cases to determine potential damages in your own cases

One Million Verdicts & Settlements—One Source.
It’s now easier than ever to search our comprehensive collection of verdict & settlment information with the addition of one consolidated source on—Mega Jury Verdicts & Settlements (Including IDEX). We’ve combined the top verdict & settlement sources online into one easy-to-search source that includes:

  • Expert Witness Verdicts & Settlements (including IDEX)
  • What’s it Worth?
  • Dolan Media Verdicts
  • LexisNexis Verdicts
  • Verdicts from a variety of other publishers
  • And much more

To find out how verdict & settlement information can assist you in efficient, effective early case assessment, contact a LexisNexis Litigation Specialist.