Gain greater control, confidence and cost savings throughout discovery

In today’s digital age, even the simplest case brings with it an overwhelming amount of information­ residing both on hard drives and in hard copy.

The most efficient and effective way to manage this information overload is by taking an integrated approach to discovery. From data collection through document review and production… only LexisNexis has brought the together the most trusted, resources to help your litigation team:

  • Identify and evaluate the relevance of documents more accurately and efficiently
  • Cut massive document sets down to size with exclusive pre-reviewing tools
  • Capture key facts and link them to relevant case issues as they are discovered
  • Tightly link document review and fact management for more effective case analysis
  • Ensure the seamless transfer of key data across discovery systems and platforms
  • Improve trial team communication and collaboration throughout the discovery process

For more information about our fully integrated time- effort- and cost-saving discovery tools contact a LexisNexis Litigation Specialist.