What do you get with Nexis Data as a service?

Immediate access to big data

Use big data for all your financial-, corporate-, risk-, academic- and brand research.

Flexible integration in your solutions

You can easily integrate our semi-structured datasets via a BULK or RESTful API. Experience our flexible solutions.

Manage your data and delegate security

Let us take on the risks and responsibilities of big data management, so you can receive data on any device wherever you are, wherever you need it.

What Nexis Data as a Service can do

Comprehensive content from one API

Take your media monitoring to the next level with a single feed of global news and social commentary posts, so you can identify critical trends and enable quick response to emerging events.

Standardized and enriched data

Gain insights from media analytics sooner with normalized, semi-structured and enriched data that helps you cut through the clutter with topic indexing, metadata tags and advanced filtering.

Easy-to-integrate API to power business

Get access to news and social media from around the world with flexible API integration and delivery options to power business- critical applications, deep research and insight-driving media analytics.

Nexis® Metabase: an API that delivers news and social data in XML over HTTP

80000+ licensed print and web news

100+ countries

75 languages

4.5M documents added daily

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