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Expand your data science capacity with normalized big data

Expand your data science capacity with normalized big data

Demand for data scientists continues to climb as companies look to connect the big data dots to answer business-critical questions. But even the most skilled data scientists can come up short on business intelligence if they don’t have relevant content. Where can companies tap the data streams needed for business modeling, predictive analytics, machine learning and more?

Get to the ‘science’ of data analysis and interpretation with Nexis Data as a Service

Move from big data wrangling to driving actionable insights from your enterprise data integrations. Our flexible, easy-to-integrate APIs, support fast access to a vast collection of current and archival global news data, company and industry data, as well as patents, legal and regulatory content.

Another important difference? We deliver structurally-consistent and normalized big data, so you can spend less time finding, cleaning, and organizing data—activities that take up to 85 percent of a data scientist’s time. With Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS), data scientists can:

  • Capture large volumes of historical news articles going back up to 45+ years for trend analysis and other big data research.
  • Refine data feed results for greater relevance by leveraging our metadata and powerful content enrichment based on a combination of human curation and LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™.
  • Experience dynamic search retrieval across LexisNexis content and integrate consistent, semi-structured data into data analysis tools.
  • Apply their own enrichments to clean, XML-based text to fuel bespoke modeling and analytics projects.

By complementing internal data sources with a targeted news data stream, data scientists can move from business questions to hypotheses to modeling—and uncover correlations and intelligence that increase decision-making accuracy. For example, Nexis DaaS empowers data scientists with access to content needed to:

  • Analyse the competitive landscape with data gathered from traditional and web news sources, company and industry information, and patents data to support strategic planning.
  • Take advantage of social commentary and semantic analysis to inform PR and Marketing campaigns, strengthen the brand and drive revenue.
  • Identify local to global movements with trend analysis tools quickly so your company can respond proactively to market opportunities or disruption.
  • Conduct quant modeling to inform investment strategies by mutual fund, hedge fund and institutional investors.
  • Integrate big data into machine learning to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of critical business processes like risk management.

Experience our CORE advantages


Tap into alternative data sources, unique for their volume and variety to support data analytics and interpretation for a wide range of financial institutions, corporate, risk, academic and brand data research process.


Access semi-structured datasets aligned to your specific data needs, via easy-to-integrate Bulk or RESTful APIs to energize big data projects including trend analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics and more.


Give your data analysis tools better fuel with smart content enriched with expertly-applied semantic analysis to drive precision search, increased relevance and faster discovery for quantitative and qualitative data analysis.


Move from data integration to actionable insights by choosing an experienced Data as a Service partner. LexisNexis, a trusted content aggregator for business and legal organizations for more than 45+ years, pioneered the use of machine learning and data visualization in our applications, decades before their mainstream use.

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