Gain meaningful insights faster with enriched data from Nexis Data as a Service (DaaS)

Our Data Enrichments Process

We infuse meaning into our vast amounts of content through an intelligent data enrichment process. This proprietary data categorisation and indexing, along with third-party tagging, enables more efficient, targeted data calls and results wrangling.

So, with Nexis® DaaS, you gain greater flexibility in your post-processing organisation and can more easily extract valuable insights from our unmatched wealth of varied datasets.

Aggregate data & licencse content

Normalise & enrich data

Data delivery via flexible API/AWS

Data Enhancement

Spend less time wrangling data and more time extracting insights from it. Our industry leading data fabrication, classification, and enrichment process:

  • Creates clean, semi-structured XML data for integration into a database or application
  • Enables data discovery - even when content is  produced in different languages - through algorithmic semantic analysis
  • Supports more targeted data calls that yield more relevant data, thanks to metadata tags, topical classification, entity extraction, and other enrichments.


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