Nexis DaaS® News API

Nexis Data as a Service is seamless to integrate with your existing systems, fueling important company decisions with data. Access relevant and timely news articles at the click of a button; presented in one dashboard for maximum insights.

What is a News API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An Application Programming Interface acts as a platform, via which separate applications can communicate. It extracts the relevant details from one application, and relays it to the other. A news API automatically gathers news based on parameters you have set, presenting this information in a clean, easy-to-use format.

Some news APIs are web based e.g. Bing News Search API and Google News API while others plug into company applications as company news feeds.

Why Use a News API?

Many people use news APIs to avoid needing to manually search; when you search for news yourself, there may be articles you miss—and perspectives you don’t consider in your business decisions as a result. News APIs not only extract and gather these news results; they can analyse all of the articles collected, organising the data into one single format. News APIs automate this process of searching for news, and are thorough enough to ensure that nothing critical is missed.

What Does a News API Collect?

A news API creates a customised data feed of news articles, filtering and serving relevant data to you. With a news API, you can monitor the entire media landscape with sources including magazines, newspapers, journals, press releases, websites and social commentary.

News APIs Applications

A news API can have many applications, and should be flexible enough to fit the needs of your business. Whether your organisation needs to forecast predictive analytics, conduct trend analysis or ensure accuracy and compliance, our Data as a Service remains the same. Our news data is trustworthy and accessible anywhere and everywhere—whenever it’s needed. Through our news APIs, our unrivaled data-verse can be accessed in a range of environments:

  • Corporate intranets
  • Business portals
  • Search engines
  • Proprietary databases and applications

Data Science & Analytics

News APIs are a time-saving tool for data scientists—Nexis® Data+ does the data searching, cleaning and structuring for you. With Nexis® Data+  the data wrangling is done for you; as a data scientist, you can directly access enriched and ready-to-use datasets. With data you can rely on, you can inform your analysis of relevant breaking news and gain more time for meaningful data analytics projects.

Due Diligence & Risk Monitoring

Many compliance and risk managers use news APIs to monitor risk. To effectively manage potential, reputational, financial and strategic risks, reliable access to up-to-date news is essential. The depth of the Nexis® Data+ news data collection is unmatched: with it, you can anticipate risks with greater precision and foresight. Nexis® Data+ is a dashboard full of high quality sources, where coverage includes news feeds about:

Brand & Marketing Analysis

For PR professionals, news APIs such as Nexis® Data+ provide vital social commentary intelligence. Monitor media coverage of your brand, industry competitors, clients, products, trends, events and more. Nexis® Data+ offers the ability to anticipate broader news cycles, track brand portfolios, and achieve greater ROI as you maximise the reach of your brand’s voice. With the Nexis® Data+ News API, you can analyse and report on business information by:

  • Entities
  • Locations
  • Vertical markets
  • Stock symbols
  • News source categories

There are many types of News APIs: e.g. Bing News Search API and Google News API. However, the Nexis DaaS is truly unrivaled and offers petabytes of normalised news data—all from the comfort of your own desk. The Nexis DaaS collection includes:

  • 4.5M documents added on a daily basis, including breaking news
  • 80,000+ sources from 100+ countries in 75 languages
  • 40+ year news archive, with a high-powered article search API
  • Bulk news articles delivery
  • Up to 10 years of archived and licensed datasets
  • Global content collection

Proactive News API

Take proactive steps to counteract negative news articles, and take action quickly with Nexis DaaS® News API. News articles are cached and organised for accurate response to your search query, with the previous 100 days of publicly available commentary.

Enriched News API

The Nexis DaaS® News API is easy to understand, and flexibly integrates into any database or application.

Historical News Data

Access top news headlines relevant to your organisation, from the previous 40 years of journalism. Even when you’re navigating older articles published, or historical data, Nexis DaaS® standardises this data so that you gain insights sooner. With topic indexing, metadata and all news data in an XML format, historical news becomes easy to view comprehensively—with insights.

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