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Nexis® conducts thorough company searches every time, enabling you to make intelligent, informed, impactful decisions for your business.

What is a company search?

In a nutshell, company searches tell you all that you need to know about a particular company or business entity. Ideally, company searches allow you to access all types of data on a company—from general information to precise, in-depth details. Comprehensive company searches like Nexis® provide more thorough information than what you could uncover doing a routine free online search—and are updated much more consistently, to include emerging content that is relevant to your company search.

With Nexis® company search, you can:

  • Move mountains with a click and reduce data overload, with LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology.
  • This allows you to refine your company search quickly and easily, navigating competitive intelligence sources curated by research experts.
  • Translate global news sources for greater insight, with the ability to translate your results list into 57 supported languages.
  • Get mobile with a news search solution agile enough for your busy schedule. With easy to schedule alerts, Nexis® News App is available on iOS or Android devices.

Why dig deeper?

Having complete background information and timely business intelligence is critical to your company. Company searches can provide you with invaluable research and information that can help you make more strategic and informed decisions to positively impact your business. For instance, a company search can:

  • Uncover hidden connections between people, companies, and assets that could influence how you conduct business
  • Allow you to gain powerful insights into the fundamental details of the competitors in your industry
  • Keep you informed so you can stay ahead of the curve – giving your company a potential competitive advantage
  • Help you pinpoint competitors, new markets, potential partners, vendors, and other business opportunities

Get the full story

With Nexis®, you can get beyond paywalls and reach sources selected by our editors for relevancy and authority. Access full-text documents rather than just links, summaries and contracts. Nexis® has the benefit of offering digital content no longer available to the public—helping you uncover history and context in your company search.


Fortunately, there are professional research tools, processes and services available for conducting high-quality, expertly curated company searches. Enter Nexis® from LexisNexis. For company search, Nexis combines comprehensive information collection with advanced search tools to help you make better decisions for your company. Key features include a customisable search form, and shareable analysis and visualisation tools such as charts and graphs, for pinpointing trends.

With Nexis®, you have access at your fingertips to:

More than 36,000 international news and business outlets, websites, blogs and forums

80 million companies, over 1,000 industry sources, and 75 million executive and biographical sources

Archives dating back over 40 years, so you can see the whole picture rather than just the most recent headlines

Constantly growing archives – Nexis adds to its portfolio every minute, every hour, every day

A comprehensive collection of reliable information that’s unavailable anywhere else

Unparalleled public records (more than 37 billion!)

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