Further Due Diligence

What is further due diligence?

In business, due diligence involves assessing and validating the information you have on individuals or entities with whom you do business. Having this data at your fingertips is critical both for protecting yourself from business risk and for making well-informed decisions.

However, in our increasingly complex global marketplace, cursory due diligence practices often aren’t enough. You may need to up your game with further due diligence. This takes your investigative efforts to the next level, drawing on robust business intelligence, risk-monitoring tools and other cutting-edge technologies to ensure you can run your business successfully and with confidence.

To help you determine which level of due diligence you require, check out our due diligence checklist here.

Nexis Diligence

Further due diligence starts with Nexis Diligence. When you’re researching third-party individuals or organisations, this powerful business intelligence tool gathers all the information you need in one place, raising the bar on your due diligence efforts. This comprehensive business intelligence comes from:

  • more than 150 premium business information databases
  • millions of public and private company profiles on developed and emerging markets
  • politically exposed person (PEP) lists, international sanctions lists and watchlists
  • more than 26,000 current news sources from newspapers, blogs, and newswires, as well as an archive dating back 40 years
  • the LexisNexis® database of international court cases and decisions
  • risk-analysis reports
  • more than 500 biographical sources and executive profiles

What’s more, because Diligence® is also a regulatory compliance tool, you can be confident knowing that you’ll be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) codes of practice.

Nexis® Entity Insight

Increased risk from global supply chains and other third parties has likewise raised the stakes for your business. Hold them – and your further due diligence practices – to a higher standard with Nexis® Entity Insight.

Nexis® Entity Insight is a risk-monitoring tool that not only helps protect your business from third-party threats, but also ensures that you comply with regulatory requirements.

At the core of Entity Insight is its PESTLE framework:







With this unique framework, you can pinpoint supply-chain and third-party risk before problems arise, empowering you to take action quickly and effectively. Entity Insight applies a risk score to the entities you deal with and colour-codes them by PESTLE category.

With the tool’s easy-to-use dashboard, you can manage all of your active and pending entities, as well as the RSS feeds that relate to them. You can also isolate news trends surrounding your active entities and other risk topics relevant to your business. Additionally, you can take a deep dive into adverse media mentions, using that information to help you further minimise potential risks.

Don’t open your business up to unnecessary and unwanted threats. Get the information and insights you need into the entities with whom you conduct business using Entity Insight.


Further bolster your due diligence and regulatory compliance activities with CleverKYC. This leading-edge tool enables further due diligence, ultimately strengthening your investigative efforts – and your company.

On a daily basis, CleverKYC performs automated background checks on individuals or organisations that may pose a risk to your business, reduces false positives and sends alerts when you’re in danger of regulatory non-compliance. It also helps you develop a comprehensive risk profile of these potentially dangerous individuals and entities, so you have a better understanding of those you’re dealing with and can take the necessary steps to ensure ongoing AML and ABC compliance.

Additionally, CleverKYC’s reporting capabilities record all activity, providing you with thorough documentation in the face of a regulatory compliance audit.

With CleverKYC, you have access to

  • international watchlists
  • sanctions lists
  • PEP databases
  • negative-news searches

Searching these resources yields relevant, near-real-time results that raise alarm bells early, so you can quickly and effectively deal with potential risks and better safeguard your business. What’s more, it highlights both efficiencies and inefficiencies in your further due diligence practices so you can continue on track or take corrective action as necessary.

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