Media Monitoring

What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring is the practice of continually reading, watching and listening to the editorial content of media sources, including print, online and broadcast media, to track the coverage of your organisation, people, brand or competitors. Through media monitoring, you can learn how the various media perceive and portray your organisation (or other organisations) and gain a better understanding of how you’re performing in the market.

Using this information, you can

  • monitor the sentiment of your coverage
  • manage your brand’s reputation
  • uncover valuable PR insights
  • gather competitive intelligence

Many organisations use media monitoring tools to help them gather this data, which can include such metrics as:

  • brand mentions
  • impressions
  • sentiment
  • where your advertisements are appearing
  • when your editorial content runs in print or online

An essential component of your PR, marketing and business intelligence toolkit, media monitoring helps you measure the success of press releases, identify topics or issues relevant to your organisation, better understand your communications’ strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint potential business opportunities.

Nexis Newsdesk

Nexis Newsdesk is our flagship media monitoring product and winner of the 2019 CODiE Award for Best Content Search & Discovery Solution.

Nexis Newsdesk is an all-in-one media monitoring and analytics solution that aims to help PR and communications professionals discover actionable insights with the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry.

Offering access to both licensed and open web content – newspapers, websites, broadcast news sources, blogs and social media – from a simple interface, Nexis Newsdesk improves visibility of media coverage and uncovers business-critical intelligence. The broad range of content allows organisations to monitor what people are saying in near-real time – enabling quick, agile responses to trends and crises.

Plus, Newsdesk® simplifies the analysis of complex data sets and then visualises findings in easy-to-digest charts and graphs that are shareable by using alerts, sending customisable newsletters or posting onto a company portal or website.

Nexis® Media Intelligence Research & Analytics (MIRA)

What do you get when you combine robust media metrics with human know-how and analysis? Nexis® MIRA. MIRA is a media-monitoring service providing comprehensive media analytics reports that enable you to share powerful business intelligence and insights with your key stakeholders. The service helps you better understand how your organisation and brand are performing across traditional and social media so you can use this information to further your business goals and objectives.

Among MIRA’s offerings are:

  • curated newsletters that adhere to your specifications and deliver only the stories that matter most to your business
  • deep-dive reports into your media coverage that go beyond automated data and provide tailored human analysis with in-depth evaluation into how the press and social media perceive and portray your organisation
  • snapshot reports that provide a quick, top-line view of your performance that you can share within your organisation and with key stakeholders
  • access to expert, multilingual and sector-specific in-house analysts who can help you pinpoint emerging trends, influencers and advocates
  • access to advanced technologies that gather the insights that are most relevant to your organisation

With MIRA, you can go above and beyond the usual metrics to gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, make more informed decisions and uncover beneficial opportunities.

Nexis® Media Contacts Solution

® With the vast amount of content available through both traditional and online media channels these days, it can be difficult to garner attention for your organisation’s story. Nexis® Media Contacts Solution is a cloud-based media database and communications service that enables you to identify and reach influencers and audiences, and amplify your messages to further your communications goals.

Our global media database contains nearly 800,00 contacts and outlets in more than 200 countries. Plus, our research team makes more than 2 million additions and updates yearly, so you know that the contact details you’re working with are accurate and reliable. Thus, using LexisNexis Media Contacts Solution, you can pinpoint relevant:

  • publications
  • outlets
  • print and broadcast journalists
  • bloggers
  • social media influencers

By nurturing these channels, they can help amplify your messages. With Nexis® Media Contacts Solution, you can:

  • automatically personalise emails
  • easily track email open and click rates
  • add multimedia content, such as videos, to press releases
  • create custom media lists using the intuitive search function for upcoming campaigns or based on topics of interest
  • generate reports to highlight activity level and sources for all campaign elements

Armed with Nexis® Media Contacts Solution’s exceptional deliverability rates, robust searching and filtering capabilities, easy-to-use platform and excellent customer support, you’ll set yourself up for communication and PR success.

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