Nexis® Hub: A new hub for your research workflow

Nexis® Hub is a powerful new tool that streamlines and simplifies your research workflow--saving you money, increasing time spent on high-value tasks, and reducing the risk of losing important information while juggling multiple research platforms.

Nexis Hub makes it simple to collect information (along with corresponding URLs and metadata) from a variety of Nexis® products and across web resources, organize them into collections, and seamlessly integrate your findings into reports within Microsoft Word.

Whether you’re analyzing competitors, identifying opportunities for growth, double-checking sources or conducting due diligence for M&A deals, Nexis Hub promises to streamline your research workflow and speed up your time to insight.

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Accelerate your time to insight

Research, reinvented.

Gather and annotate information from various Nexis® products and from across the web, organize it all in a single place, and create impactful reports--all without missing a beat.

The whole picture, faster.

Nexis® Hub aggregates all of your research into a single location, empowering you to notice trends, identify key insights and prioritize what to highlight in your reports.

From insights to action.

Seamless integration with the programs you use every day means less time spent copying, pasting and formatting source information--so you can focus on identifying actionable insights.

Spend more research time on what matters most

Users will save an average of 50% of the time it takes to manually gather, collate, and share information.

What you’ll love

A Smarter Copy / Paste

Nexis® Hub saves your research with the click of a button, which means less time on manual tasks and more time identifying high-value insights.

Simple and intuitive

Nexis® Hub is easy to use and works with the tools you use every day--various Nexis® products, Google Chrome and Microsoft Word.

A better view

Nexis® Hub allows you to collect and view all of your research in a single place, making it easier to identify connections and valuable insights.

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