CleverKYC: High-Volume Screening Tailored to Your Risk Concerns & Budget

Accelerate risk-screening and on-boarding for customers, suppliers and other third parties with the flexible CleverKYC platform.

Explore the benefits of CleverKYC for risk and compliance professionals

Efficient, automated risk screening

Run ad hoc and batch name checks against PEPs, sanctions and more to accelerate on-boarding and on-going risk screening to address regulatory expectations.

Cost-effective and customisable

Make your investment into third-party risk management stretch further with modular screening technology that can scale as your risk concerns evolve while offering a low cost per check

Out-of-the-box convenience

Ideal for today's hybrid workplaces, CleverKYC is cloud-based and GDPR compliant. Rapidly deploy automated screening with a visual dashboard that helps you quickly identify potential risk and document all of your screening efforts.

Timely, relevant data

PEPs & Sanctions

Screen against 800,000+ names of PEPs and 180+ sanctions lists from individual countries, regional authorities and international organisations like the United Nations.

Watch lists

Beyond PEPs and Sanctions, CleverKYC features country and regional Most Wanted lists, as well as Interpol and FBI lists, with the option to add other lists appropriate to your risk, such as SWIFT ban or individual black and white lists

Adverse news

Expand your risk screening to include negative news related to customers, suppliers and other third parties to keep abreast of adverse media coverage that could expose your organisation to reputational risk.

Flexible modules to build the screening solution you need

Basic PEPs & sanctions screening

PEPs, Sanctions + Negative News

PEPs, Sanctions, Negative News + Risk Scoring

Digital Onboarding Portal

Transaction Monitoring

Additional Options Available

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