Take charge of your brand perception

Regardless of whether your PR and brand management efforts are on behalf of your own organisation or your clients', your mandate is clear: You need to capture real-time insights so you can respond proactively in a crisis and deliver amazing PR and marketing campaigns.

Plus, in a prove it or lose it world, you must show ROI on your efforts to keep your budget and your client list intact.

Discover how LexisNexis’ PR and brand management solutions can help you optimise your campaigns for better results.
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Heighten brand awareness

Tracking column inches of coverage or Facebook 'likes' doesn't show you the big picture. With LexisNexis PR and brand management solutions, you can analyse brand mentions of your organisation, clients or competitors across the media landscape to understand how your brand is perceived.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Understand your audience using news and social media analytics, such as sentiment analysis, so that you can tell relevant, compelling stories that keep people engaged and inspire brand champions to advocate your behalf.

Compete more effectively

Monitor media insights into key influencers, emerging market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with ease. Keep stakeholders, colleagues and clients up-to-date with informative newsletters and data visualisations.

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