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Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu & Associates

Kevin Wu, a Malaysian-born, UK-raised legal professional, has carved a unique niche in the legal industry, leveraging his multicultural background to drive innovation and success. After being Called to the Bar in London, Kevin began his career at Skrine, a leading Malaysian law firm, before founding his own full-service firm, Kevin Wu & Associates. His firm has served over 300 clients, from corporations to individuals, with Kevin's unique perspective and understanding of diverse cultures being a key factor in his success.

In the past year, Kevin has led successful fundraising efforts for startups across various industries, raising over US$10m. His leadership and cross-cultural understanding have also resulted in a 30% increase in team productivity and a 50% decrease in turnover rates within his firm.

Kevin's commitment to elevating the legal industry is evident in his innovative initiatives. He has implemented cutting-edge technology within his firm to enhance efficiency and client service delivery. Furthermore, he actively promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, establishing mentoring programs for aspiring lawyers from diverse backgrounds.

His dedication to continuous learning and skills development is demonstrated through the monthly briefings and training sessions he organizes for his team. Kevin also contributes to the advancement of the legal sector through active participation in industry associations and forums, sharing his expertise and insights.

Endorsed by clients for his deep cultural understanding, attention to detail, and dedication, Kevin is a trusted advisor and advocate. His passion for positive change and commitment to excellence make him a valuable contributor.