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Nichol Yeo
Director, Counsel
Nine Yards Chambers LLC

Nichol's trajectory in the legal profession has been nothing short of meteoric. From the inception of his career, he plunged into complex cases of corporate and commercial disputes and white-collar crime. His ability to swiftly establish a loyal client base, encompassing listed companies across Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia, high-net-worth individuals, and MNCs, set the stage for his rise. Within just five years, he co-founded Solitaire LLP, taking the mantle as its Managing Partner. Under his stewardship, the firm swiftly gained recognition in crisis litigation. By 2022, Nichol pioneered Nine Yards Chambers LLC, a litigation-focused firm that, within months, became the preferred choice for disputes involving Singapore-listed companies.

In a span of nine months, Nichol enhanced Solitaire LLP's revenue by a staggering 57% and positioned it among the best law firms in Singapore. As the industry grappled with the largest cryptocurrency hedge fund collapse, Nichol's leadership ensured Solitaire LLP was at the forefront. Notably, Nine Yards Chambers LLC witnessed a rapid team expansion, doubling its counsel in six months, and Nichol emerged as a distinguished name in global cryptocurrency disputes.

Championing innovation, Nichol introduced teamwork-driven courtroom strategies, optimizing trial efficiency. Beyond his work, his philanthropic efforts have been commendable. He spearheaded a campaign raising S$50,000 for the Wheelchair Rugby Association (Singapore), receiving accolades from esteemed ministers.

Endorsements resonate with Nichol's excellence. Ms Qua Bi Qi, a colleague, lauds his intellectual thirst and practicality. Mr Nicholas Narayanan heralds him as a "rising, astute litigator", emphasizing his client-centric, pragmatic approach.