Lexis® Clause Intelligence Hong Kong

Perfecting your outputs by state-of-art AI technologies to analyse legal document drafts and provide recommendations in relevant clauses.

Leveraging LexisNexis’ state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyse your legal documents drafts and deliver recommendations in relevant clauses to perfect your legal drafting.

Watch how Lexis® Clause Intelligence perfects your legal drafting

Save research time

The AI tool matches your legal document drafts against our massive content databases and saves you the trouble to roam through the libraries.

Safeguard against errors

Lexis® Clause Intelligence puts together ready-to-publish edit suggestions to uplift your legal documents to the best-in-class standard.

Guide your team with best practices

The suggestions from Lexis® Clause Intelligence are carefully-curated guidelines that educate your trainees and grow your new joiners.

Enhance drafting efficiency

It only takes a few seconds for Lexis® Clause Intelligence to retrieve the most up-to-date clauses and come up with suggested edits.

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