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With the advent of big data, drones and biometrics there are now more ways that companies can get caught out than ever before. The collection, security and use of personal data are now vital parts of all business’ agendas, and key to consumer trust.

Expertise in data protection can be hard to come by, and existing resources are thin on the ground. What is needed are step by step instructions covering the latest developments and cases, offering the reassurance that you are complying with the latest law and best practice. Our specialised textbooks and workflow solution, Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Practical Guidance – Data Protection, covers essential information on the General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union, the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and other related ordinances, as well as more multi-jurisdictional guides to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date guidance on data privacy.

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- Data Protection

Practical Guidance

Practical Guidance

Hong Kong Data Protection

Provides the materials you need to guide your clients and companies in complying with the Hong Kong data protection regime as well as insight into international regimes including the General Data Protection Regulation administered by the European Union.

Available on Lexis Advance® Hong Kong

- Background to the data protection regime
- Data processing cycle
- Data usage
- Data breaches
- Compliance guidance
- Surveillance and monitoring communications
- Cybersecurity
- Employee data and monitoring
- Data protection in supply of service
- International laws
- Non-Governmental Organisation

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