Hong Kong Conveyancing

Hong Kong Conveyancing is a renowned reference work, with over 20 years heritage in Hong Kong, yet remaining the only reference work dealing with this subject in Hong Kong

This voluminous work, presented in two volumes, within eleven looseleaf binders, provide an extensive and detailed description of the law and practice, as well as the development of conveyancing in Hong Kong. Unique in its breadth of coverage, this title is the standard reference for anyone involved in conveyancing transactions and issues relating to land titles and land law generally in Hong Kong.

Providing answers to questions of law and fact, with a flip of a page, a click of a mouse,  or a swipe on your screen

Keep abreast of the latest developments

tay up to date with the latest decisions and changing regulations across multiple jurisdictions, with content updated on a bi-monthly basis.

An authoritative voice

Highly regarded content written by experts in the field, and have been cited in over a hundred Hong Kong judgments and academic discussions.

Advise with confidence

Equip yourself with the most obvious to the most obscure principles, cases, and points of law, and its application in various jurisdictions.

A streamlined research experience

Alphabetically indexed Table of Cases, Table of Legislation and comprehensive subject index  provides a systematic research experience and optimises relevant search results.

 Table of Content

Land Tenure in Hong Kong

System of Land Holding in Hong Kong

Planning Considerations

Co-ownership of Multi-storey Buildings

Nature of the Title to be Made or Given

Proof of Title

Property Investigation

Contract: Formation

Contract: Vitiating and Allied Factors

Contract: Capacity, Status and Disabilities

Contract: Contents


Security Transactions over Land

Completion of the Contract for the Sale of Land

Remedies for the Breach of a Contract for the Sale of Land

Consent and non-consent schemes


Judith Sihombing, LLB (Melb), LLM (Mal); Barrister and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria; Training/Professional Support Manager, Simmons & Simmons

Alwin Chan, Principal Lecturer, LLB (HKU), PCLL (HKU), LLM (LSE), Barrister-at-law (Hong Kong)

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Updates: The content is updated 8 times a year to accommodate new cases, legislative changes as well as updates in the practice and procedure in this area of law.

Format: Looseleaf set (11 binders), Lexis Advance® Hong Kong & Lexis Red™

ISBN: 9780409996654

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