Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong
This work is a uniquely comprehensive encyclopaedia of law, and provides the only complete and trustworthy narrative statements of law in Hong Kong.

The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong

The only legal encyclopaedic resource covering Hong Kong law.

Established in 1995, and fully adapted to the needs of the Hong Kong practitioner, Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong is the only encyclopaedic legal work, and it builds on a century of tradition to provide definitive legal information for quick access to the answers you need, across 80 subject areas.

Halsbury's is designed to be your starting point and your finishing line of research

Work more efficiently

Organised and authoritative references presented in a time-tested style and format.

Advise with confidence

Covers the most fundamental to the most obscure points of law.

An authoritative voice

Researched, compiled and written by Hong Kong's leading legal minds.

A streamlined research experience

 Includes detailed tables of cases and legislation, appendices and cross references for easy searching within individual titles or across the whole reference work.

Titles Covered (A-E)

[10] Administrative Law
[15] Agency
[20] Animals
[25] Arbitration
[30] Auction
[40] Banking and Finance
[45] Bankruptcy
[50] Betting, Gaming and Lotteries
[55] Bills of Exchange and Other Negotiable Instruments
[60] Bribery, Corruption and Organized Crime
[65] Building and Construction
[70] Charities
[80] Citizenship
[85] Civil Aviation
[90] Civil Procedure: High Court (Vol 8)
[90] Civil Procedure: District Court (2)
[95] Companies and Corporations
[100] Conflict of Laws
[105] Constitutional Law and Human Rights
[110] Contempt of Court
[113] Competition
[115] Contract
[120] Coroners
125] Courts and Judicial System
[130] Criminal Law
[130] Criminal Procedure
[133] Discrimination
[135] Education
[140] Elections
[145] Employment
[155] Entertainment, Hotels, Sport and Tourism
[160] Environment
[165] Equity
[170] Estoppel
[175] Evidence

Titles Covered (F-J)

[180] Family Law
[183] Financial Services
[185] Firearms, Weapons and Explosives
[190] Foreign Relations
[200] Guarantee and Indemnity
[205] Health and Safety
[215] Immigration
[220] Insurance
[225] Intellectual Property: Passing Off, Registered Designs and Patents
[225] Intellectual Property: Trade Marks, Copyright and Plant Varieties Rights

Titles Covered (K-O)

[230] Land
[235] Landlord and Tenant
[238] Legal Aid
[240] Legal Practitioners
[245] Limitation of Actions
[250] Maritime Law
[255] Media and Communications
[260] Medicine, Pharmacy and Drugs
[265] Mental Health
[275] Misrepresentation and Fraud
[280] Mortgages and Securities
[285] New Territories

Titles Covered (P-Z)

[290] Partnerships and Joint Ventures
[295] Personal Property
[300] Police and Emergency Services
[315] Professions and Trades
[320] Public Health and Municipal Services
[325] Rating
[335] Religion
[340] Remedies
[345] Road Traffic
[350] Roads and Tunnels
[355] Sale of Goods
[360] Social Welfare and Services
[365] Statutes
[370] Taxation and Revenue
[380] Tort
[385] Town Planning
[390] Trade and Labour
[395] Transport
[400] Trusts
[410] Voluntary Associations
[420] Weights and Measures
[425] Wills, Probate, Administration and Succession

Editorial Advisory Board

The Hon Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary, GBM, Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal (Chairman)

The Hon Mr Justice Joseph Fok, Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal

The Hon Mr Justice Patrick Chan, GBM, Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal

The Hon Mr Justice Robert Ribeiro, Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal

Mr John Barry Mortimer, GBS, Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal

Mr Anthony Rogers, GBS, former Vice President of the Court of Appeal

Mr William Waung, former Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court

 More Information

Updates: The content is kept up-to-date with 18 reissue volumes published a year, and a bi-monthly Current Service update. All care is taken to include new cases, legislative changes as well as updates in the practice and procedure of each area of law so you always have the latest information.

Format: 55 Bound Volumes; 2 Looseleaf Binders (Current Service updates), Lexis Advance® Hong Kong & Lexis Red™

ISBN: 9789888111183

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