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Metadata provide more precise results

The LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™ enriches Nexis content with helpful metadata. You search with keywords LexisNexis added to news articles for topics, industries, companies, people and places. You get more relevant esults and enables the results to be analyzed by keywords.

User's Choice: Text or graphic based analysis

You have the choice: display the analysis results in text format or in a variety of visual representations, before you export the analysis.

Everything in one tool. Seek. Analyze. Export.

Find and refine the data set

A range of social KPIs enable you to set meaningful targets for your campaigns. Identify important campaign metrics in real time. Get reports quickly and easily with the reporting functions of Nexis Social Analytics.

Analyze and visualize your results

Import and analyze thousands of news documents using open source or LexisNexis developed Python libraries.

Export your analyzes

After you've performed a text- or graphic-based analysis, you can export your analysis, notebook code, and document manifest to your computer.

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