LexisNexis for Banks and Insurers

Benefit from the combination of a very complete range of global resources and a historical archive

The importance of correct risk management for banks and insurers

The correct and regular screening of people and organizations can prevent your organization from having to deal with image loss or financial damage. You want to protect your organization at all times against (legal) sanctions, reputational damage and financial setbacks.

With the risk & compliance solutions of LexisNexis you can set up a very complete KYC process. This is due to the unique combination of our historical news archive, negative news screening and a very complete range of global resources. In this way you are guaranteed a very complete compliance check.

LexisNexis Resources

In the (inter)national database of LexisNexis you will find information from print publications, online news sources, blogs, radio & TV and company data from the Chamber of Commerce.

80,000+ news sources from 100+ countries

Data from 280 million companies

45+ years of historical news archive

1,400 sanction and watchlists

Dun & Bradstreet UBO data

1.4 million PEPs

Digital access to the most complete range of sources

LexisNexis has an exclusive license to offer the content of the two largest media publishers in the Netherlands: DPG and Mediahuis, whose complete range of national and regional newspapers and door-to-door papers is included in our database.

As a user of our database, you have access to all national publications of these publishers, such as Algemeen Dagblad, de Volkskrant and De Telegraaf. But also to regional publications, including the Noordhollands Dagblad, the Limburger and De Gelderlander.

LexisNexis is also the right place for access to other publications and international sources. From Le Monde to Die Welt and from the FD to BNR.nl, you will find it in our database. Are you looking for a specific source or content type? Let us know via the form, we will be happy to tell you more.

This is how you are compliant

There is a lot of content available online. However, not everything available online can be used just like that. With regard to scraping, the rules are becoming stricter. As prominent publishers, DPG and Mediahuis have already drawn up a statement about their attitude to scraping and sharing of online content without permission.

Read the statements of DPG and Mediahuis here.

When you enter into an agreement with LexisNexis, we arrange the royalty payment for your use of the journalistic content, both for print media and for online articles. This way you can be sure that you are compliant.

Find out how LexisNexis can help you set up an efficient and correct KYC process: make an appointment via the form.

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