Adverse Media Monitoring

Offers organizations valuable insights to
help prevent many potential regulatory,
reputational, financial and strategic risks.

What is Adverse Media?

Monitoring negative news is necessary to reduce risks when working with partners. Content from traditional media such as television, radio or print does not provide a complete picture of the counter party in the modern world. Data obtained from posts and comments on social networks, blogs and other online sources can complement the idea of ​​an object or subject.

Knowing about unfavorable news feeds or their absence, it is easier to make the right business decisions.

Adverse Media Monitoring is able to recognize potential risks such as financial fraud, money laundering, bribery, which not only prevent companies from preventing regulatory consequences, but can also seriously damage its reputation.

Regulators increasingly expect legal entities to conduct customer due diligence (CDD) as part of their risk management process. Monitoring negative news is the tool that can help you with this.

Search for the information you need in the endless ocean of data.

More than 2.5 quintillion different content is created every day in the world. Such a huge amount of data, as well as their complexity, significantly complicate the search and identification of the necessary information. The key to keeping track of the meteoric rise in media is personalization. While traditional solutions for monitoring negative media usually use general filters of negative news, or require time-consuming manual processing, Adverse Media Monitoring allows you to individually customize filters for your needs by adding keywords that are relevant to your business specifics. In addition, to provide the broadest possible coverage of potential risk topics, our solution covers global, national and local sources in multiple languages.

Why Monitoring Negative News?

  • Track bad news from your suppliers, competitors, and all major stakeholders.
  • Support the organization's need to stay ahead of the curve and manage reputational, financial, and strategic risks.
  • Track bad news to gain a competitive advantage with event-driven analytics that offer a holistic view of your business environment.

Nexis® Metabase Adverse Media Data delivery

Adverse Media Monitoring

This solution allows you to integrate news into your system, so that you can receive information automatically for subsequent self-processing.

  • The "Low" filter allows you to get more documents with less negative news severity.
  • The High filter is a narrower search that focuses on more serious negative news.
  • The "Average" filter allows you to find an average result between the most and least negative news.

Moving from Big Data to Smart Data

Unique topics / industries covered by LexisNexis® SmartIndexingTechnology™ classification

Descriptive metadata elements, including title, subject, index time, publisher, country, language, source rank, etc.

Languages ​​covered by semantic analysis to support data analysis in a global collection of content.

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