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The LexisNexis® archive dates back over 35 years, with millions of new and updated documents loaded every day, directly from publishers. By focusing on authoritative sources of news and business information, users are able to avoid the "noise" and content credibility gap that can be associated with some free Web content, and instantly access relevant business information.

LexisNexis applies a proprietary, rule-based, classification system known as LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ to identify themes or subjects in each document. Using LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology, each news article in the Nexis® database is categorized against one or more of the 4,000+ subject terms. SmartIndexing is more effective than simply looking for a keyword as it applies a sophisticated weighting mechanism based on the frequency of a unique collection of words and phrases that would be relevant to a particular subject.

LexisNexis offers

  • 17,000+ licensed news and business sources
  • 4 million news articles and social media feeds daily, spanning 75 languages and 100+ countries, for a comprehensive view of the media
  • Search over 1.9 million company profiles and 3.1 million decision makers and understand corporate hierarchies including parent company and related subsidiaries using LexisNexis® Corporate Affiliations™
  • More than 6,500 international news sources, 6,000+ magazines and program transcripts from thousands of shows from hundreds of major global news networks
  • A comprehensive collection of patent data from more than 100 patent authorities—31 in full text
  • Vital regulatory and legal information, including 168 million federal and state court dockets  and 7 million court documents, including 1.2 million briefs, pleadings and motions
  • 600+ company & industry sources
  • 200+ executive and biographical sources
  • Access to profiles on 80 million companies worldwide, 1,000 industries and 80 million executives
  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology™ is a powerful taxonomy system that helps your customers uncover the most relevant search results

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