Powering AI Initiatives in Academia

Take advantage of a variety of data sets available through Nexis Data as a Service

Nexis Data as a Service for Academic Research

Connect your university to a vast text-based source universe that is ideal for training, testing, and validating data science projects, particularly natural language processing (NLP), machine learning,  and advanced analytics.

Volume isn’t the only advantage Nexis Data as a Services brings to the table. The data we aggregate goes through a normalization and enrichment process that add value by helping users spend less time wrangling data and more time running experiments with it.

How can you tap into this data? Nexis Data as a Service offers flexible API options to connect you to the datasets you need - Bulk, Search & Retrieve, and Constant Call.

Universities can take advantage of a variety of data sets available through Nexis Data as a Service, spanning news, business, and legal data. Let’s take a closer look:


  • Leading Daily Newspapers
  • Radio & Television Broadcast Transcripts
  • Online News
  • Magazines & Trade Journals
  • Newswires & Press Releases
  • Industry & Thought Leader Blogs
  • Social Commentary

Our news data is complemented by data ideal for a variety of  business use cases—just what many academic-corporate collaborations require.


  • Company Profiles
  • Corporate Hierarchies
  • Company Financials
  • M&A News
  • Manufacturing & Shipping Data


  • Global Treatises
  • U.S. Court Dockets
  • PEPs, Sanctions & Watchlists
  • Intellectual Property & Patents Data

Data for moving from theory to insight

Data scientists are in high demand and universities worldwide are stepping up to the challenge. Undergraduate and advanced degree candidates are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data for solving a wide range of academic, business, and societal problems.

These efforts require quality data - a lot of it. Nexis® Data as a Service provides a wealth of smart data for use in AI projects and data science consulting, enabling users to:

  • Mine political discourse in the news to identify emerging issues or voting patterns.
  • Conduct semantic analysis of news to evaluate social issues, such as gender bias in reporting.
  • Develop simulation algorithms that predict trends based on past events.
  • Train machine learning algorithms to reliably predict corporate performance based on corporate financials, and news coverage.
  • Build innovative AI models to capture performance-enhancing insights identity and combat fake news and more.

Nexis Data as a Service

Nexis Data as a Service offers access to data via a variety of application programming interfaces, including Search and Retrieve, Bulk and Constant Call APIs.

See how you can enhance AI success with the CORE advantage of Nexis® Data as a Service.


A source universe offering controlled volume and a wide variety of datasets to meet diverse uses.


Flexible Bulk, RESTful and controlled content APIs deliver normalized, semi-structured data at the volume and velocity needed for big data applications.


Smart data, organized and enriched through a combination of expert human curation, advanced analytics and topic tags, for greater veracity.


A partner with 45+ years of aggregating content, plus patents in clustering and machine learning, for dependable value.

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