Nexis Diligence+: A higher standard in due diligence

Nexis Diligence+ provides an unrivaled content collection and comprehensive, 360-degree view of people and companies that sets a higher standard for thoroughly assessing risk.

Conduct due diligence at scale with confidence and clarity.

Identify risk before it happens.

Nexis Diligence+ makes it easy to efficiently vet and monitor third parties, map relationships, and develop risk profiles so you can make decisions with confidence.

Streamlined and scalable.

Nexis Diligence+ empowers due diligence at scale, combining sophisticated technology with an unmatched collection of global sophisticated technology with an unmatched collection of global data to help you quickly identify threats.

Get focused results faster.

Nexis Diligence+ enables you to launch a search and derive focused results at exponentially faster speeds.

Features you’ll love

Unmatched collection of content

Nexis Diligence+ boasts an unrivaled collection of news, company, regulatory, sanctions, PEP, ESG and legal data -- at scale -- from a single vendor.

Critical data at a glance

Sometimes you need the quick take. Nexis Diligence+ features delivery.


Nexis Diligence+ features high-volume, scalable searching capabilities to streamline your research process and save time-- capabilities to streamline your research process and save time--including the ability to upload entities at volume via a spreadsheet.

Top sources at your fingertips

Global news archive

Over 38,000 sources of global news including international, national and regional newspapers, web news, magazines and national and regional newspapers, web news, magazines and journals, newswires and broadcast transcripts dating back 40 years.

ESG ratings and data

Nexis Diligence+ features ESG ratings, as well as custom terms, to help your team stay on top of potential risks related to environmental, social and governance factors.

International legal data, journals and industry reports

International legal data, trade journals for various industries, country and industry reports. Including Business Monitor International (BMI), Die Bank, Capital and Global Insight for multiple regions.

Due Diligence that Digs Deeper

Anti-bribery and corruption

Your reputation depends on compliance screening. Nexis Diligence+™ offers access to UK and international court cases, to keep you informed of ongoing litigation that could disrupt your business thus, allowing you to be comply with anti-bribery regulatory requirements.

Build due diligence reports

Improve decision-making with access to a more comprehensive picture of the companies and individuals with whom you do business. The report builder in risk and compliance check tool - Nexis Diligence+™ helps demonstrate compliance efforts, complete with a verifiable audit trail.

Access premium content

Nexis Diligence+™ enables more robust due diligence with access to premium business intelligence, millions of public and private company profiles, in-depth country risk analysis reports and biographical sources - all from a single, intuitive interface.

Improve your due-diligence research

  • Dig deeper with Nexis Diligence+™
    Go further in your due-diligence process with our extensive archives and news searches. Your risk can be minimized greatly when you know who you're doing business with. Lexis due diligence software lets you search among more than 37 billion public records, to ensure that the company, vendor, supplier, partner, or client you are about to associate with is above board.
  • Get the full story
    Nexis Diligence+™ is so much more than just an online risk and compliance check tool. It's easy interface lets you access vital information – anytime, anywhere. Want to ensure that there are minimal skeletons in the closet of the vendor you're vetting? Accelerate your research by pre-defining a list of negative search words. Want to see if your associated partners have done business with a specific company? Use corporate hierarchy data to reveal any relationships between unrelated businesses.
  • Stay above board
    Search news archives going back 40 years. International, national, and regional newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires, and broadcast transcripts. An excellent way to ensure that your company is not unknowingly doing business with a blacklisted company. A great way to steer clear of additional fines and damage to your reputation.
  • Report
    It's all about the details. Creating detailed due-diligence reports no longer leaves you scratching your head. Not if you're using Nexis Diligence+™. Show regulators that your company is taking the right due-diligence steps and performing compliance audits correctly.
  • The right report at the right time
    Nexis Diligence+™ is equipped with The Report Builder. This third party due diligence software tool helps you show your compliance efforts, complete with a verifiable audit trail. Improve your decision making by getting a more complete picture of the companies and individuals you do business with.

Due Diligence Checklist

Our due diligence checklist takes you step-by-step through the information you need in order to carry out a thorough investigation when you’re contemplating a new commercial relationship or a prospective business partner. It includes questions aligned to situational risks to help you determine the level of third-party due diligence investigation required to mitigate risk.

For our checklist we therefore opted for a different approach. In this document you will find:

  • What questions do you need to ask yourself when entering into a new business relationship
  • What risks you should consider when entering into a business relationship or third party
  • When you have to start a due diligence investigation
  • Whether a simple due diligence investigation is sufficient or whether you should opt for a more extensive investigation
  • Whether using free (online) resources is enough or whether you should opt for a risk and compliance check tool?
  • Which due diligence software tools are suitable for your type of due diligence investigation.

All these questions and more are answered in our ebook.

Download Due Diligence Checklist

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